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About me

أطفال غزة

فريق احلام الطفولة غزة فلسطين

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Right this minute, children in Gaza are collecting food and clothes from garbage dumps as a consequence of violence and the rise in poverty levels.

They return to their poverty-sheltered homes surrounded by danger and accompanied by rats. Young girls like Ola travel to the garbage dumps daily, as her father has a fractured bone and kidney stones, preventing him to provide for the family. Mothers are frightened for their children to go there, yet this is what is needed for a living. Life for these vulnerable people is far from a festival, they only dream to wear nice clothes and eat adequate food. Over a million people are living in dire conditions like this in Gaza. We need to believe in vulnerable people like Ola. Believe in the children of Gaza this Ramadan.

Donate now: or www.humanappeal.org.uk



فريق احلام الطفولة غزة فلسطين





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Contact emailrafat44.2019@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +970597789188
Twitter username: @Rafat Farid3


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