The religions of men grow up over long periods of time, while the revelations of God flash upon earth in the lives of the men and women who reveal God to their fellows. Come join with the human teachers of truth serving the citizens living in this day and generation.


Art proves that man is not mechanistic, but it does not prove that he is spiritually immortal. Art is mortal morontia, the intervening field between man, the material, and man, the spiritual. Poetry is an effort to escape from material realities to spiritual values.


Let the world's troubles disappear and fade away as you engage your mind in the creative atmosphere of truth, beauty and goodness. The high mission of any creative art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity. The discernment of supreme beauty is the discovery and integration of reality. The discernment of the divine goodness in the eternal truth, that is ultimate beauty.

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