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    • Mugerwa Shamiru

      Mugerwa Shamiru

      About me: Mugerwa Shamiru C.E.O. Director Samaritan Foundation Orphanage Mugerwa Shamiru Post Office Box 5290 Jinja, Ugan...Post Office Box 5290 Jinja, Uganda, East Africa ○   Samarit...



      • Mugerwa Shamiru

        God is able.

        Samaritan foundation orphanage still remains the home for the beautiful angels both boys and girls. We stand not alone but with a number of staff to make things happen.

        • Mugerwa Shamiru

          SAFO Thanksgiving & Celebrations This Festive Season

          ...tion & support by granting to Samaritan Foundation orphanage in Uganda any little or more...u can.  Let the children of Samaritan foundation orphanage have a smile on their faces th...are nothing dears. Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uga...

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          • Marissa Bodden

            3. The Land/Building Project

            ...phans at The Lord's Mercy Foundation and space is extremely l...asing of land to build a real orphanage on. We have a vision of we can literally begin the foundation of the orphanage!  ***2nd UPDATE*** Due...ip over to Uganda to help the foundation in the construction of the o...

            • Marissa Bodden

              2. Daily Bread General Funding Program

              Daily Bread General Funding Program...n's. Out of the children at the orphanage, 31 owe 18,500 shillings per, as well as the Lord's Mercy Foundation T-Shirts that we have provide...Care packages may also be sent. The foundation's mailing address is at...

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              • Mugerwa Shamiru


                My Links Samaritan Foundation Orphanage Samaritan Foundation Orphanage SFNetwork  SAFO Logo      https://goo...

                • Mugerwa Shamiru

                  Daily Life at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage

                  Daily Life at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage  Lately this evening, i came back late evening from the garden. Found some of the children smart in their uniforms not knowing...

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                  • kasozi martin poster

                    I am Kasozi Martin Poster the Director of Mothers Heart Child Orphanage in Uganda. I am 24 years old, and singl...medication, clothing and shelter at the orphanage. My future plans are to bu...h will help in provision of food at the orphanage. We work in peoples garden...

                    • Marissa Bodden

                      We have received all of the mattresses for the 35 children in care at The Lords Mercy Foundation and are now raising money for a plot of land for the orphanage to be built on. Currently the...

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                      • Mugerwa Shamiru

                        Samaritan Foundation Orphanage Annual Fundraiser

                        Samaritan Foundation Orphanage Annual Fundraiser  Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services )  serving...

                        • kasozi martin poster

                          Mother's Heart Child Orphanage Campaign Fundraiser

                          Mother's Heart Child Orphanage Uganda Di...the Director of Mothers Heart Child Orphanage in Uganda. I am 24 years...ication, clothing and shelter at the orphanage. My future plans are to bu...children. This Group is for the Good Samaritans of the world actively offeri...

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                        • Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO
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                          Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

                          Mugerwa Shamiru ○ Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services ) serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda Please take some time to see our Profile and review our Children's Albums. We are seeking the help of our greater world family to give new hope and education to the orphaned children of Uganda.
                        • Foundation of Poor Orphans Uganda
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                          Foundation of Poor Orphans Uganda

                          Chemonge Marich - We are a registered NGO/CBS in Jinja Uganda. There are 1,000,000 Orphan children in our Nation. Please join us in providing a solution for food, housing and education so these children can hope for a brighter future.
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