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About me

 CEO and Founder Youth in Act-Uganda/His Grace Children's Home, addressing the real needs of an Orphan Child

Youth in Act-Uganda


There are many Orphans and Vulnerable children, and helpless youth out there in the world and for that case Youth in Act-Uganda comes to give support to this young generation and uplifting their hope through mobilization of resources and networking in or to create sustainable livelihood. Through this initiative and everyone's support, we shall be able to achieve our common goal of saving the nation most especially the young generation. 




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Youth In Act-Uganda is non governmental organization that helps the youths, orphans and the needy children. the organization supports the orphans and needy children from very poor families by providing for their essential needs like Education, Medical care and clothing. The youths who are still in school going age but dropped out due to their poor family financial status to support them through their education are catered for in the same way and those who can not afford to earn a living in this crazy world and are beyond the school going age are supported through projects, thus providing them with facilities like garden working tools deals, seeds, animals for rearing, fish farming projects and it gives them skills on how to produce local agricultural products like tomato sauce, tea beverages and many others including liquid soap making. It supports the youth to grow crops, rear animals, grow fish, keep bees and poultry birds. It also gives sensitization to the community on how to manage their farms.

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    • Billy John Waiswa


      By Billy John Waiswa
      Education is a fundamental aspect in the current modern world, there are many children across the continent of Africa who have not gotten a chance to see how a classroom looks like meaning not attended school. This is due to the limited resources...
      • Billy John Waiswa

        Food support for His Grace Children's Home

        By Billy John Waiswa
        Food support for His Grace Children's Home
        Hello brothers and sisters. Blessings and peace to you all. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for the nation. I would like to invite you join us in the food support campaign for the children at His Grace Children's Home...

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        Waiswa John Billy - Youth in Act-Uganda is a NGO/CSO that is serving real needs of Orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda and empowering the youth. The organization has a significant impact on the well-being of the many Orphans in Uganda due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has claimed lives of many leaving Orphaned children.
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