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 Personal Motto: Endure, Adapt, Overcome.


Do you know the words to the song relax don't do it, if you want to get to it...well take a deep breath and relax, life is way too short for the stresses of life of any kind? I believe in telling the truth, lies ruin relationships of all kinds as well as failing to acquire accurate communication skills. These are learned skills and are essential if you're going to have lasting meaningful personal and professional relationships or simple daily interactions with your fellow. Some of you may have seen on my Facebook posts comments on organized religion missing the mark and you might have asked yourself what does he mean? Well here is my best answer.... I was born and raised Catholic, I went to Catholic school, was an unmolested altar boy. I left the church because of the Hypocritical actions of the Church's leadership. I was married in a Baptist church, I became a born again Christian, I was an evangelical, a non-denominational, a Charismatic, none of that was not a fit either. I became a Jehovah's witness left them for several reasons, I studied with the Mormons, investigated Islam read the Quran. researched the Eastern philosophies and other research.


I state this so you understand I have some background in the Bible and religion from actual experience and personal research. I can't state how important personal research in life. Use motivational speaker Anthony Robbins theory of C.A.N.I. can I. Constant And Never-ending Improvement and my personal formula T+V+FT= Personal Growth and Accurate Knowledge based on fact. T=TRUST V=VERIFY FT=FOLLOW THROUGH. One of the main problems I hand was, I would ask my religious leaders and teachers detailed questions and I would receive answers as "God works in mysterious ways" That just never truly satisfied my spiritual longings. After a devout Catholic friend one who was like my grandmother passed away I was sitting at a gathering after the service at the church hall I was sitting next to the priest and mentioned that I would like to come back to the church, his reply was "my office hours are 9:00 to 5:00" and it was not just the words but his tonality that turned me off. I always thought helping people and saving souls was a 24/7 job. Then I was directed to the Urantia Book which answered all my question in great logical detail. I don't beat people over the head with my beliefs. I place this information in my public profile so those you read this may gain some insight on me. My Friend's Jesus did not come here to start a church he came here for 2 reasons.

  1.  To teach us about the Fatherhood of God.
  2.  To teach us about the brotherhood of man.

To Live by the GOLDEN RULE ...remember when the apostle's asked Jesus which was the greatest commandment, he said 1: to Love God with your whole heart and mind etc. and then he added the quote to Love Thy Brother as Thy Self. (THE GOLDEN RULE MUCH QUOTED SELDOM LIVED BY) By fulfilling those two commandants all the others fall into place if you love your brother you would not steal, commit adultery etc. or commit any bad act toward another human. By living these positive forms of rules, you are doing Gods will. The problem is organized religion has strayed from those two ultimate teachings.... they put rules, rituals, requirements, dogma, plea's for money ahead of their teachings' they do this to control the masses. If the pews are not filled the money dries up and so does the power. Not to mention how many killings have been done now and the past in God's name. Wars fought over whose God is the true God. They may have started with good intentions, but they have strayed from the path. Imagine a world without that hatred, bigotry, and prejudice where everyone loved God but in a personal one on one way to each his own. After all, there is only one first source and center of all creation one God the Father call him by whatever name... Loving God is a deeply personal thing, a relationship between you and your creator. Fellowship is also important. There is a piece, an actual fragment of the living God that indwells every human call it a whatever, it's what helps us make the right decisions in life, correct errors and overcome sin. People, that do actual evil, do so through their own free will choice. The free will gift God has given them. They choose not to live his way by loving him not out of fear but because he gave you life or simply not loving your brother. If they choose this path of error, evil or sin that's on them. I tell God did not stop helping us after the Bible came out, He is one powerful God who's to say that God could not have given us something additional we are smarter now than 2000 years ago, we able to understand the more of the cosmos and the sciences.

We have mass media right, information at our fingertips, let us put the word out. Who's to say? I am going to give a few websites where you may go and read and or listen then come to your own conclusion, at bookstore The Urantia Book is $25+. The Urantia Book was written by different created celestial beings and given for your benefit. Who better to write it than the celestial host's that watched and witnessed actual events? I started with chapter 4 the life teachings of Jesus Christ it takes you through his entire life from baby to boy, to a teenager, to man. Angels watched over Jesus his whole life who better to write what they witnessed than angels. However, let your spirit guide you, start where you are led. Think I am crazy? you read and decide for your self do not take my word for it. This book explains many things, how we got here, why we are here, where we go after death in infinite detail, Well, that's it for now, where do you take this? Some people said I do not need it I have the bible that is all I need. Problem with that kind of thinking is if everybody thought like that the world would still be flat and we would still be in the Stone Age...heck I do not want to think about a car I have a good horse. Simplified but you get my point. I had a close friend tell me that the Urantia Book was from the devil, I said the book expressly discusses and condemns the falling ones. I said have you read it she said no. I said how can you form an accurate point of view. That is like saying I hate Tom Clancy novels and you're asked how many Tom Clancy novels you have read? and they say none. You should have some frame of reference before you venture an absolute opinion. The beauty is after you read if you think the Urantia Book is wrong well guess what you made an educated logical decision and you still have the bible it's still there the Urantia Book does not replace the bible it enhances.

Yea it is a lot to take in. Well dig in and let me know what you think. Now the Link Warm regards, Verne Finucane Additional commentary: Organized Religion example...The Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Islam, Judaism etc. that prescribes hellfire and brimstone and damnation and tries to control the masses by fear...If you do this you or that you will go to Hell and then wants money for this or that. They are companies just like Wal-Mart and Google they are the wolves in sheep clothing, and they do not even know they are doing it. They think they are doing God's will, but they are not. Again, if everybody just lived the Love or the Father and love thy neighbor attitude everything else would fall in to place. But greed and selfishness rule. God does not want or need ritual prayer he wants individual love, trust, and friendship. Organized religion if not a company lives to control by giving you standards, they say you should live by who are they to judge. They are man dictating moral actions. God loves everyone Sinner and Saints. Jesus sat down with sinner's, tax collectors He talked to harlots. Jesus broke the law and social standards of that day and age, that is why they put him to death. He did good works on the Sabbath day. (Broke the law) A girl caught in the act of adultery brought before Jesus, the law, we must stone her to death however What does Jesus say? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. He looks around a little later he says to her no one is left to condemn you than neither shall I. God is not exclusive to one religion. There is only one First source and center. What else matters? Not all Churches fall into this category, but most do. Tell God you love him many times a day out loud or to yourself, God hears you, he is open for business every day not just on Sundays. People have to be capable of logical and critical thinking, not by simply taking things at face value regardless of who's telling you.

Sincerely, Verne J. Finucane Jr. http://www,

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