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Intro: Serving the Lord as if His return is today. If one is hungry; feed them. If one is thirsty; quench it. If one is without clothing provide it; even to the cloke on your own back. In this way we may serve Angels unawares.

About Me

About me


May 11, 1994 I turned my life over to the Creator and sustainer of life; Jesus Christ. As I’ve grown in God over the years since, my life has found testimony in my walk as It was never promised we’d not go through the fire. God tested Abraham’s love for Him through Isaac; He tested the widow woman and her last cake given to a Man of God; instead reserving it for her and her son...both of the outcomes because their love for God surpassed, brought another sacrifice with a ram in the thicket and meal and oil throughout the famine. Likewise, Job encountered the loss of his wealth and children; endured negative advice from both his friends and his wife; boils on his skin, but yet he sustained, if not deepened his devotion and love for God. In living and enduring my own trials; to be shared along this journey here, I’ve found His Grace Children’s Home in Uganda, Africa under the direction of Billy John Waiswa to be my God given, heartfelt burden; My source of inspiration in the face of existence and mercy. Wow my 33 Angel babies are my heart... God gave me such love for each and they call me Mama Shelli. God provides work to pay for some of their needs and like the little woman who gave all she had in the offering plate; God blessed it beyond the measure she put in. Much like how Jesus broke and divided the fish and the loaves of bread from one little boy’s lunch to feed many! God blesses the cheerful giver! There are such needs there! I’ve committed to them and my life’s work as God has seen fit to lead me. I pray many others will find this burden to participate in fundraisers and monthly giving as well. Bro Billy and I have a genuine Godly friendship and respect with a common goal to provide for these 33 Angel Babies. Thank you, Lord for allowing Bro Billy and these Angel Babies to cross my path. I’m inspired to do Your will. 


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Twitter username: shellibernard7

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    Waiswa John Billy - Youth in Act-Uganda is a NGO/CSO that is serving real needs of Orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda and empowering the youth. The organization has a significant impact on the well-being of the many Orphans in Uganda due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has claimed lives of many leaving Orphaned children.
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