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Guardian Angel - JadynRylee

Guardian Angel

Whenever you think you are alone and that no-one is with you, you need to realize that there is ALWAYS someone watching over you. For Jadyn this was her great grandmother who had sadly passed away in the last year. Although the two of them had only met a few times it was instantly obvious that there was a connection that would last forever. Whenever Jadyn feels scared or unhappy she knows that GG is always there with her to guide he through the hardest times. It is important that we know that each of us had a Guardian Angel that does their very best to keep us safe during the hard times and helps us to learn how to make it through. Just as with Jadyns song "Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover" we need to believe that we are bigger than our challenges and that we are strong enough to make it through. "Guardian Angel" is a follow up to "Don't Judge" and we hope it lets people know that they are never alone through the struggles.


Guardian Angel

Sometimes late at night,

I lie in bed and cry and wait for my guardian angel in a beautiful scene,

she allows me to dream My guardian angel I'm learning how to fly,

higher than the sky joy replaces fear inside When I feel the world,

is coming down on me I see my guardian angel dressed in satin white,

she covers me with light My guardian angel when she touches my face,

the world's a perfect place and sadness just fades away Solo)


There's freedom, in the shelter of her wings

Freedom , So much comfort when she sings

She visits me at night, and stays till morning light

my guardian angel Her music comforts me, her presence brings me peace

My guardian angel when I'm weak and alone,

she always makes me strong she loves me, even when I'm wrong

-Connect with Jadyn through her Links---- YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/JadynRylee Instagram - @jadynrylee Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JadynRylee/ Twitter - @JadynRylee Musicl.ly - @JadynRylee Producer/Songwriter/Musician Curt Ryle Big Matador Recording http://www.bigmatadorrecording.com/ Songwriter John Castleberry https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-cast... Videographer: Lucas Ciliberti: https://www.youtube.com/user/lucascil...


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Music has Power a Whole World to Transform

Music has Power a Whole World to Transform

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