The Urantia Book - Big Questions

The Urantia Book - Big Questions

  • Paul Kemp Administrator
    By Paul Kemp Administrator

    Gary Tonge
    Published on Nov 18, 2018

    Who are we? Where are we going? Who is God? How did the Universe come to exist?

    Reality’s biggest questions, answered.
    The Urantia Book - a revelation.

    Gary Tonge

    Paula Thompson

    Jeremy Daigle

    Special thanks:
    Derek Samras

    Vision Afar - The Art of Gary Tonge

    Artwork by Gary Tonge: Personal art, work for The Urantia Book and projects related to its teachings, professional clients and other work. Working predominately for good causes, charities and foundations.

  • Monica Kemp
    By Monica Kemp

    Breathtakingly beautiful presentation for the important questions of our world. Well done!!!

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Voices of the Prophets

Voices of the Prophets

Hi folks, The Voices of the Prophets is a forum whose purpose is to give people a venue to share AUDIO reflections, monologues, conversations, interviews, questions exploring what they have thus far learned and have yet to learn! We all lead such busy lives that it is sometimes hard to find 5 minutes to sit and read a newspaper much less something the size of the Urantia Book! In spite of these challenge, such is our spiritual hunger, we do find the time to satisfy the yearnings of our soul: while driving, doing our chores, or while going for a walk or run. All we need to do is download the talk or lesson that interests us, stick on our headphones or plug into our speaker, and listen away to our hearts content. Where there’s a will there’s a way! It is envisioned that the talks presented herein will be relatively unscripted; spoken from the heart. They might be monologues, conversations, songs of praise, whatever the spirit inspires you to share. It is hoped that the subjects discussed deepen insight, remove obstacles, resolve conflicts, enhance fellowship, and open the way for our spiritual cyber community to prosper. You are invited to provide comment, feedback, and questions to help explore and deepen the conversations.