How to use the ckEditor for posting Blogs and Pages

How To Use ckEditor

In this video we will learn how to use the Menu Selections in the ckckEditor for posting Blogs and pages. This is the first in a series of Videos that will demonstrate the capacity of the ckEditor to create beautiful pages with rich content added by using this rich text editor. 

in this video you will learn how to

  1. Size text
  2. Color text 
  3. Make text bold 
  4. Underline text 
  5. Strikeout text 
  6. Strip text of font and background codes
  7. Add shadow bars
  8. Add a Quote box to text
  9. Number Lines 
  10. Indent lines with dot format 
  11. Paste regulartext 
  12. Past text stripped of color and background codes 
  13. Paste text from Microsoft Word Documents 
  14. Cut text 
  15. Undo typing 
  16. Redo Typing 
  17. Select All in a documdocument 
  18. Find and replace words in the page 
  19. Link text in document to URL's
  20. Unlink text
  21. Put ckckEditor in fullfull screen mode 
  22. Return ckckEditor to normal mode 
  23. Put smilies on the page
  24. Center Justification of text
  25. Right and left Justification of text 
  26. Full Justification of text




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