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Lord's Mercy Foundation

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Lords mercy foundation is a registered NGO/CBS in Kamuli district Uganda.

I started these works early in 2015 and I started on a small way to help and support the homeless and the widows who can not help themselves .

I have 35 orphaned children at the foundation, please join us in providing solution for the  monthly food, house rent, medication, education so that children can have hope for the bright future. I have two people who are helping me to take care of the children.

We lack numerous necessities like food, shelter, education, medication, school fees. You can help by clicking on the donation link

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Lord's Mercy Foundation

Lord's Mercy Foundation

Wantanda Ronald Lord's Mercy Foundation - There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.