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      Please note: Their is a major winter storm occurring in Nova Scotia Canada with 120 kilometer per hour winds and heavy snow fall and freezing rain expected. These storms usually knock out our power and Internet connections so I may not be reachable for a day or two.

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        Thank you Josephine Lilly ⊙ Carlee Goodwin ⊙ Dawn Eybs-Johnson ⊙ Keren Carter ⊙ No Body ⊙ Gingo Henry for adding me to your circle of friends!

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          It’s our humble request to all our beloved brothers and sisters struggling with us to make the life of the orphaned children at Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga in Iganga district better. Glory and honor be to the lord. Our children had a wonderful and happy Christmas, greet thanks to all our friends who helped us to make these children happy. We have 25 children living with us here and with the help of God, they are all happy with us.
          I would like to share with friends the challenges that we face at and in running the orphanage
          1. Limited space for the children. The children lack enough space where they sleep and the pray ground is very small.
          2. We also lack a permanent home where we can live with the children.
          3. The children move 1 ½ kilometers to reach the nearby school which in return do not provide quality education and it’s the same distance they move to reach the church
          4. Most of the recently adopted children sleep on local carpets and only very few are sharing mattresses
          5. Food at times is scarce and very expensive more so during the dry season.
          6. Limited land for agriculture
          7. Limited finance for education, food among many more
          1. We plan to buy land where we can build enough structures, school and a church such that the children can get quality education. We need two structures one for boys and one for girls.
          2. We also plan to practice agriculture on a large scale such that we can get some food from our own gardens to reduce the high expenses on food.
          3. We also plan if we get money to buy food for stock such that it can be used in the periods of food scarcity.
          4. It’s also in our plan to set up poultry projects such that our children can be able to have eggs and chicken for eating and attain a balanced diet. We can also sell off some during difficult periods to meet agent needs for the children.
          We require you guidance, support and the help of God to turn our dreams to reality.
          Comment, like and share to spread our mission. I wish you all a happy and blessed 2018.

          - with Keren Carter, Paul Kemp Administrator
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              Divine Energy & Loving Service

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                Welcome aboard Ronald, I have sent you a friend request. See the icon in the upper right screen for answering messages, friend requests as announcements.

                • David Onche

                  Thanks Paul.. This looks wonderful and promising!

                  - with Paul Kemp Administrator
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                    You are most welcome David. The development of this online spiritual family network is a demonstration of your work and devotion to a project undertaken! When we started this project I had no idea of your level of expertise and experience. You truly are a talented IT professional!

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                      - with Bill Bricker