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Intro: Technical Support Engineer - SFN

About Me

About me

Hello, I'm Dave, a self-employed web product manager and designer, platform architecture and developer. 

I am currently working on  Hypenia Enterprise, a web development, support and IT solutions startup.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. My email is hosted by Google, I keep my files and documents on Google Drive, and my server is hosted in Michigan, USA. My phone number is powered by MTN N and GLO N.


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      In God, a Spider's Web is Stronger than a Brick Wall

      By David Onche Comments (2)
      During World War 2, a soldier was separated from his unit on an island. The fighting had been intense, and in the smoke and the crossfire he had lost touch with his comrades. Alone in the jungle, he could hear enemy soldiers coming in his...
      • David Onche

        The size of God.

        By David Onche
        A Boy asked his Father:- Dad what is the size of GOD? Then the Father looked up at the Sky and saw a Plane and asked his Son:- What is the size of this Plane? The Boy replied:- it is very small. I can hardly see it. Then, the father took...
        • David Onche

          How to Find your Happiness

          By David Onche
          A group of 50 people attended a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each person a balloon. Each one was asked to write his/her name on it using a marker. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room. Now these...
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        • The Strength of God Resides In You | Motivational Video

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          There are many burdens in our lives that we all carry. Some are burdens that we find at work, some are burdens that we find in paying the bills, and some are found in maintaining healthy relationships. And yet some other burdens strike even deeper...