The Passing of 2017 and the New Year 2018 at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage


Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services )  serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda (See our Profile) (See our Children

2018 Message of Thanksgiving 

It's been a year of change, love and togetherness. I am Mugerwa Isaac Shamiru of  Samaritan Foundation Orphanage (Safo’s head caretaker.)
With great pleasure and happiness I will kindly express myself not forgetting whoever has been there for us in all days and nights both rough days and good days all throughout 2017.

          On behalf of Samaritan Foundation Orphanage children and our staff I thank you for the love, caring and heartfelt kindness you have shown us for the previous year! I  will thank mom Jane thanks much, sister Doreen, sister Darlene , sister Deb our dear sister Beth , sister Monica Kemp, brother Jimmy thanks for the bible packages my dear, our dear sister Geraldine and all of you good citizens of this world. I wish you can understand how you have created a smile on the faces of the little angels of Safo, we have nothing much to reward you but oh God our Father will reward you abundantly.

 Here is our year again to keep it up with the good works dear friends and family. So far we have our official monthly budget, members we shall need any monthly support towards reaching the target of our monthly budget. 

We pray to have our own land for farming, construct of our permanent home, and a place for kids to play around. This will help to save us from monthly rent fees members. 

Let's come together again to join hands for effective service delivery. 
  Samaritan Foundation Orphanage children love you all. Happy New Year sisters and brothers.

We are seeking the help and kindness of our greater world community to secure the real needs and necessities of living for the children under our care. 

Please share our information to help us obtain our objectives.



  • Monica Kemp
    By Monica Kemp

    Dearest Mugerwa and your noble working co-workers,
    Such a beautiful letter this is, and please know that your appreciation for however little I have given, however much others have contributed is your everlasting gift to us and to our Heavenly Father. Our level of appreciation determines our level of spiritual growth and your great strides in that regard is an inspiration to us all. Thank you again for your steadfast work with these beloved children of God.

  • Mugerwa Shamiru
    By Mugerwa Shamiru

    You are so most welcome dear sister Monica. I loved the encouraginh words here my dear.

Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Mugerwa Shamiru ○ Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services ) serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda Please take some time to see our Profile and review our Children's Albums. We are seeking the help of our greater world family to give new hope and education to the orphaned children of Uganda.