Seeds in the Wind

Seeds in the Wind ~
It seems we are all trying our best to face this religious challenge, described in the quote from the Urantia Book below. It does take courage to stand up and stand firm in your beliefs -- and learned and earned personal Spiritual Values. It never seems easy, but it is the easiest of paths once you start out and get a few miles in that heart and mind we use to test the winds of Truth.
Love is the path, and it does take inner-strength to stand firm at times. At other times we share with anyone interested in our truths we find along the way.
I love to pass around the good energy of Spiritual values anytime I get a chance. Words are like seeds in the wind. They fly around in our minds and thoughts until they find that perfect place that is just right for growth. And they grow in the roots of our Being as Spiritual Values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, manifested in real life as Love.
The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness. Such a new and righteous vision of morality will attract all that is good in the mind of man and challenge that which is best in the human soul. Truth, beauty, and goodness are divine realities, and as man ascends the scale of spiritual living, these supreme qualities of the Eternal become increasingly co-ordinated and unified in God, who is love.