The Thinking Process

The Thinking Process ~
It seems that the process of Thinking is up to us, but we have the Spark of God (Mystery Monitor/Adjuster) and the Angels that spiritualize, improve, modify, and adjust our direction of thinking to eternalize it. We have the last say, the final word in how we go about our lives, but we have much help in how we make up that mind. In the end we personally take the action, make the decision and reap the rewards, one way or the other.
Just thinking about this gives me pause to be patient in the process of making decisions and taking actions in my life.
110:2.3 (1205.1) Urantia Book
The Adjuster is not trying to control your thinking, as such, but rather to spiritualize it, to eternalize it. Neither 
angels nor Adjusters are devoted directly to influencing human thought; that is your exclusive personality 
prerogative. The Adjusters are dedicated to improving, modifying, adjusting, and coordinating your thinking 
processes; but more especially and specifically they are devoted to the work of building up spiritual counterparts of your careers, morontia transcripts of your true advancing selves, for survival purposes.