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Friendship ~
Telling personal stories of your life is a great way to pass on truths you have learned in the process of living that life.  Friends lighten your life, and add that 'Zest' of life to your day.  Friends come in all sizes and shapes.  They come with all kinds of personal experiences from their own lives.  Sharing is great with friends as it expands your view of life.  Having friends is healthy, physically and mentally, as well as adding to the value of the spiritual life.
"Guest friendship" was a relation of temporary hospitality. When visiting guests departed, a dish would be broken in half, one piece being given the departing friend so that it would serve as a suitable introduction for a third party who might arrive on a later visit. It was customary for guests to pay their way by telling tales of their travels and adventures. The storytellers of olden times became so popular that the mores eventually forbade their functioning during either the hunting or harvest seasons.
  • Paul Kemp Administrator
    By Paul Kemp Administrator

    Bill a universal truth that can be experienced only in relationships. I highly value the friendship we are experiencing. I thoroughly enjoy your unique outlooks and viewpoints on life's experience. Especially is this true in your observations of what is true, beautiful and good in the life we live on this whirling world of space. Our relationships with each other and the natural life of our world adding a deep and rich environment to our experience. Godspeed brother, know that you are a highly valued member of this community.