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This is what we have been waiting for all along. I now hereby am presenting the land agreement to all my friends.

I thank you all friends for trusting us and also for donating to our organization. I greatly thank my dear brothers and sisters in Christ who names appear on the list attached for giving us the power to secure the land.

Really you deserve the best in life. May God reward you abundantly. 

I also thank the admins of the organization fundraisers brother Paul Kemp, brother Gregg Schultz, sister Karly Marie and sister Sonnya Hawkesfordfor being trustworthy as they worked tooth and nail to ensure that the amount donated was wired to us in full and also meeting all the legal charges. The funds were received in full as donated.

Thank you very much. May God bless you. 
We are so much excited by your efforts that enabled us to achieve this. May the Almighty God bless you all.




Naigaga Naume

Naigaga Naume

OUR MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OF FRIENDS Let us fight and we restore the happiness of the orphans in Africa and the whole world, even when you help with something little, nothing is small in the name of Jesus and we shall appreciate. If you have clothes, shelter, shoes even if second hand, financial help and other necessities of life we welcome them and it will be a great contribution. We also welcome you to come and join us and we build a great nation. Blessed the helping hand. May God bless you all. HOPE ORPHANS CENTRE-IGANGA (H.O.C.I) This is a community based organization operating from the eastern district of Iganga in Uganda, Africa. Its offices are located at Lubira village in Lubira Parish in Buyanga Sub-County in Iganga (Uganda, Africa). The organization was established purposely to help the orphaned African children and vulnerable children on the black continent. In Africa and Uganda in particular, there are a number of orphaned children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS, Ebola, among other diseases, other orphans are victims of war, refugees to mention but a few. Its upon such a background that the organization was put into exixstance to liberate the orphaned African children from misery. It is a registered community based organization with the local government of Uganda and as a result, it was given a certificate of registration by the local government of Uganda. The organization was started by Naigaga Naume and she is the current director assisted by Kabweru Kenneth Ivan. All having face book accounts at this moment. The orphanage started in 2015 with a small number of children. By that time, the children were very few and as the members we were able to meet their needs. As time went on, the number of children increased and it was in 2016 that we put this online and started requesting for help from the outside world. The organization was established to uplift and ensure the good living standards of the orphans and to enable them acquire quality education. Its major source of funds is agriculture. We grow different crops like maize, groundnuts, pumpkins, tomatoes among others but due to the fact that it is not a source of income to rely on, we welcome donation from people all over the world Email: hopeorphanscentre@gmail.com/hopeorphansc@gmail.com Phone number: +256775059722/ +256774758108 Facebook Page: Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga Website: https://goo.gl/ju13dJ HOW TO SUPPORT THESE CHILDREN You can send financial and material support to these children. HOW TO SEND FINANCIAL SUPPORT. We can receive financial support via western union, money gram, world remit or wave. Here are the details for the director Name: naigaga naume Country: Uganda City: iganga Phone number: +256775059722 Email: hopeorphanscentre@gmail.com Postal address: Hope Orphans Centre Iganga PO BOX 2026, Iganga HOW TO SEND MATERIAL SUPPORT We can also receive material support and one can send them to our postal office address here Name of the organization: Hope Orphans Centre Iganga Continent: Africa Country: Uganda District: iganga Sub count: buyanga Contact person: naigaga naume Phone number: +256775059722 Postal address: Hope Orphans Centre Iganga PO BOX 2026, Iganga CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION ORGANIZATION LOGO NAIGAGA NAUME DIRECTOR NAIGAGA NAUME’S BIO DATA Naigaga naume is a female Ugandan born in 1969 from Bulange in Namutumba district. She is a primary teacher by profession and a farmer by career. She holds a grade III certificate in education from bishop wills primary teachers college. she was the first born of Mr. Ntende and Mrs. Namukose who died who naume was still young. She has got three sisters and they lived an orphaned life. The father died when Naume had just finished senior two and the mother died two years after the death of her father. From then, she had to pause a bit with her studies and take care for the young sisters. These sisters did not go far with education as they were not living in a life which is not good and they got married at early ages. After she joined Bishop Wills PTC for a grade III certificate. Currently she is the director of Hope Orphans Centre Iganga which she founded in 2015 to care for orphans. KABWERU KENNETH IVAN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR KABWERU KENNETH BIO DATA He is a Ugandan national born in 1994. He holds a certificate in information technology from platinum ICT and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Nsaka University majoring in Accounting. He currently works with JK Computer Service Centre and is the assistant director of the organization. He is currently the assistant director of the organization. THE ORGANISATION The organization cares for 29 people of whom 27 are children from the age of two years to 17, one lame man and one old woman. All the children are in primary level except one girl who is in secondary. These children depend of us for food, shelter, water, clothes, medical care, and education among others. Shelter The Hope Orphans Centre Iganga orphanage hasn’t got a permanent home. The contract that was made regarding the acquisition of the place where these children stay at the moment will expire in October 2018 and the owner wants us to renew it for years which is very costly. This place has got two houses one which is permanent and one temporary house. Due to rampant kidnapping in our country, we were forced to shift the boys to the permanent house and at the moment they all squeeze themselves in one house. The available space is very small for these children. Food The children at Hope Orphans Centre Iganga (HOCI) get their food from well-wishers and at times from the gardens, The crops in the garden are at times destroyed by sunshine more especially during the period between November and March. During this period, there is no any single crop that can grow due to a lot of sunshine that we experience during this period However there is no one in our country who can help these children with food. They are basically dependent on donations to live. Education These children get their school fees from the well wishers and at times we get it for them after a serious struggle. The children move 1 ½ kilometers every morning to reach the nearby school. The quality of education that they get from this school is of low quality as we put aside the long distance that they move every day. On matters concerning academics, the teachers at this school are ever on strike due to their dissatisfaction with the government. This limits their concentration in class and the children continues to perform very poor. Health In the area, there is only one health centre called Lubira Health Centre III who is about 3 kilometers away from the area. This is a state owned enterprise and the doctors are always on strike. When one goes to visit the doctor, if you get a chance to find one there, the medicine will never be there. Therefore, it is best to start a new clinic in the area. Spirituality On matters pertaining to spirituality, the knowledge of God and His son Jesus Christ is very low. There are no churches within the area. We move about 1 ½ kilometer to reach the nearby church for prayers. I think it is high time that we reach them with the pure Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Water The area does not have clean water for drinking. People are using the waters that are running or the stagnant waters for drinking. This is causing a lot of disease. Some of them wash their clothes in these waters and still drink the same waters. Fistula There are cases of fistula among women and girls in the atea. When a woman is giving birth, it can result in a small tear in her bladder. The woman or girl is unable to control her urine. Oftentimes, these women become outcasts. HIV/AIDS There are many cases of HIV/AIDS in the area. This is normally a sexually transmitted disease. One acquires it through blood contact with an effected person. It’s not true that everyone who acquires it has ever got involved in such practices; some get it by sharing sharp instruments, in accidents and some medical workers can make these children affected by the disease ACTIVITIES OF THE ORGANIZATION v Spreading the gospel and evangelism v Caring for the needy children and vulnerable ones v Equipping skills to the needy and vulnerable children plus the community v Equipping the children with relevant skills and establishing income generating projects v Providing the children basic needs like food, accommodation, shelter, clothes among other necessities PROJECTS OF THE ORGANIZATION It’s our responsibility to lead these children in a way that will help them to be self reliant in the future and there they will be able to care for their own families in the old stages. With that at the back of our mind, we put in place various projects such that these children are equipped with relevant skills that will help them to survive in future ONGOING PROJECTS CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS The home where the children are now is not ours and by the end of October 2018, we must leave the place as the owner wants to takeover As a result, we are in plan to put in place a permanent home where the children can stay PROPOSED BUDGET FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF HOPE ORPHANS CENTRE-IGANGA ORPHANAGE HOME POULTRY PROJECT The birds continue to multiply and the number continues to increase. Cluster 4 Hens 8 Chicks 26 TOTAL 38 Achievements v The children have learnt how to rare them and providing them with drugs v They have continued to multiply and the number has drastically increased Challenges We use the free range system and at the end of the day some of the birds are stolen Some wild animals like wild cats attack and eat some of them Our plans for the poultry project It is in our plan to put in place a modernized poultry project that will help us to generate income and attain self sustainability CROP GROWING We engage in the growing of various crops like rice, potatoes, and ground nuts maize, eggplants among others Achievements v We are able to get food from our gardens v The children have learnt how to grow crops in the most efficient and effective manner Challenges v Lack of enough labour as the children spend most of their times at school and sometimes holidays come when it is a dry season v The pests and diseases tend to destroy our crops v There is limited land for crop growing and the available in very infertile THE CHALLENGES FACING THE ORGANIZATION IN GENERAL 1. Limited space for the children. The children lack enough space where they sleep and the pray ground is very small. 2. We also lack a permanent home where we can live with the children. 3. The children move 1 ½ kilometers to reach the nearby school which doesn’t provide quality education to them and it’s the same distance they move church 4. Most of the recently adopted children sleep on local carpets and only very few are sharing mattresses 5. Food at times is scarce and very expensive more so during the dry season. 6. Limited land for agriculture PLANS 1. We plan to buy land where we can build enough structures, school and a church such that the children can get quality education. We need two structures one for boys and one for girls. 2. We also plan to practice agriculture on a large scale such that we can get some food from our own gardens to reduce the high expenses on food. 3. We also plan if we get money to buy food for stock such that it can be used in the periods of food scarcity. 4. It’s also in our plan to set up poultry projects such that our children can be able to have eggs and chicken for eating and attain a balanced diet. We can also sell off some during difficult periods to meet agent needs for the children. We require you guidance, support and the help of God to turn our dreams to reality.
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I Am a female Ugandan who loves helping the needy. Even more so the innocent young people who are suffering orphans. We welcome any person to join us at Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga and we uplift...

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Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Naigaga Naume​ & Mwiri K Emmanuel ○ Children's Charity Uganda. Jesus came to save us without favor and discrimination To the lord, be the glory. God is love!