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Wire post by Naigaga Naume

    Naigaga Naume

    By Naigaga Naume

    Hello my dear friend, i greet you all in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ. how are you doing and your life generally in the new month of October. we are coming towards the end of the year, let us thank God for he gift of life. really we are blessed. how are we, what did we give to God because many have passed but we are still enjoying life in the site of God despite the challenges we face in life. really, to the Lord, be the glory
    i welcome you all to join as at Hope Orphans Centre- Iganga (HOCI) and the help the orphans African children. we are currently in nee of 443 dollars for the orphans to get education. really it is not good for a kid today to fail going to study and under such circumstances, there is now way that kid could succeed in life. its upon such a background that we are looking for that money such that the kids can go back to school and continue with their studying in preparation for the promotional exam. that money include the lunch for all the kids while at school, beginning of term examination fee, mid term examination fee, end of term examination fee and the school fees for all the kids. i kindly require for your helping hand for the orphaned African child. we shall appreciate for your contribution. for more details contact Naigaga Naume the director on the email hopeorphanscentre@gmail.com/hopeorphansc@gmail.com. or you can leave a message on this site or contact her on Facebook for more information. may God bless you

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      Naigaga Naume

      Naigaga Naume

      OUR MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OF FRIENDS Let us fight and we restore the happiness of the orphans in Africa and the whole world, even when you help with something little, nothing is small in the name of Jesus and we shall appreciate. If you have clothes, shelter, shoes even if second hand, financial help and other necessities of life we welcome them and it will be a great contribution. We also welcome you to come and join us and we build a great nation. Blessed the helping hand. May God bless you all.