Naigaga Naume ● My appeal for a helping hand


These children require the good will of the good Samaritans of the world to secure food, clothing, shelter and the chance for an education that will secure for them a hope filled Future.



Naigaga Naume​



Hello my dear friends,

Hello my dear friend, how are you doing? I Am Naigaga Naume from Uganda and the Director Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga. Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga is an organization that was found in 2017 following the suffering and the unbearable condition that orphaned African children were going through. We were forced to form that organization to liberate them from suffering and misery. Really their standards of living were not good and truly unbearable in human nature. The organization was formed and registered with the local government of Uganda and after meeting all the requirements for registration, we were given a certificate of registration last month. 
I being the director am an agriculturalist who decided to form the organization despite the financial weakness but I decided to surrender the little I have in order to uplift their standards of living. We grow different crops. Some are used for food and others are sold to meet the costs of living at the organization in an attempt to restore the happiness of the children. Really if you look at the kind of condition they were going through, even somebody with a parental heart could feel concerned about the innocent Africans who were suffering. Thus we made and created a public outcry while calling people to come together and liberate them from suffering. 
The organization has a Faced Book page with a logo with a young baby and the words Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga is in circular form surrounding the baby. I kindly request you to go and have a look at the pictures of the children in the subject matter and we shall be very grateful if our page is given a like. 
Due to the increasing number of orphans and the limitedness of the resources, we were forced to look for help from friends and whoever feels concerned about the life of the orphaned African child.
The resources that are available now are not enough for the good and wellbeing of the orphaned African children.
We now call upon you to come and join us such that we can uplift the living standards of the orphaned African children such that their happiness can be restore and as an attempt to shade their tears and they forget about what they have ever gone through as for as misery is concerned. We need your helping hand and we shall be very grateful for anything that will be surrendered to the orphaned African children at Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga. Blessed is the helping hand.
Thank you for taking the time to investigate these concerns. 
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Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Naigaga Naume​ & Mwiri K Emmanuel ○ Children's Charity Uganda. Jesus came to save us without favor and discrimination To the lord, be the glory. God is love!