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  1. Is there any thing that can make someone think that God created the Universe?
  2. Religion: You a True Believer of God? How did you do that?
  3. Who came first God or Normal human? Did God create human Or normal human beings were created first and they became God due to good work?
  4. If I do not follow God will something bad happen to me?
  5. I have seen many many people stop believe in God since the internet gave atheism much more attention. Will the world stop believing in God and religion? How do I avoid people from convincing me to stop believing in God?
  6. I am 21 & was an atheist but always believed there was a higher power/god/energy. Lately, I've been feeling this pull towards religion. Am I a Christian?
  7. What does word "God" mean to you?
  8. Is the bible the infallible word of God or put together over time to create fear in people?
  9. Are there True Ambassadors of God living and serving in the world today? Do you know of any?
  10. Do you think there is a major design flaw in God's creation: Man?
  11. How do you describe God to somebody who has never been taught about him?
  12. Is it permitted to touch Jesus or not – John 20:17/20:27?
  13. How Could Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in the winter whereas Jesus was born in the summer?
  14. How would you convince me of the existence of God knowing that I'm an atheist?
  15. Why do some people believe that Jesus is not God?
  16. Why does the religious right favour material success, even though the Bible says: "And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God"?
  17. Who did black people pray to before slavery?
  18. Why does the New Testament declare that there is only one way to come to God? That is, only by going through Jesus?
  19. Doesn't it seem suspicious that God didn't want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge? Why would he want people to be ignorant?
  20. What is the best evidence for a historical Jesus?
  21. If God created us "in his image", then why didn't he create us with his morality?



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Voices of the Prophets

Voices of the Prophets

Hi folks, The Voices of the Prophets is a forum whose purpose is to give people a venue to share AUDIO reflections, monologues, conversations, interviews, questions exploring what they have thus far learned and have yet to learn! We all lead such busy lives that it is sometimes hard to find 5 minutes to sit and read a newspaper much less something the size of the Urantia Book! In spite of these challenge, such is our spiritual hunger, we do find the time to satisfy the yearnings of our soul: while driving, doing our chores, or while going for a walk or run. All we need to do is download the talk or lesson that interests us, stick on our headphones or plug into our speaker, and listen away to our hearts content. Where there’s a will there’s a way! It is envisioned that the talks presented herein will be relatively unscripted; spoken from the heart. They might be monologues, conversations, songs of praise, whatever the spirit inspires you to share. It is hoped that the subjects discussed deepen insight, remove obstacles, resolve conflicts, enhance fellowship, and open the way for our spiritual cyber community to prosper. You are invited to provide comment, feedback, and questions to help explore and deepen the conversations.