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  1. Though I am a Christian, at times I am suspect if there really was someone named Christ. Give me some strong words of belief?
  2. What symbolizes Jesus who gives the two keys to Peter?
  3. Who are the first two disciples that left John to follow Jesus?
  4. Did the Lord Jesus Christ pursue any of his education in INDIA or from individuals or source materials from India?
  5. Is there a trace of a living descendant of Jesus Christ; is it true Jesus Christ's bloodline still exists hidden in the world?
  6. What are the first stories of angels? What is their purpose?
  7. The very existence of Jainism is based on non-creationism, yet some Jains believe in God as the Creator. Why? Is this Jain hypocrisy?
  8. What is the interval between the time of the appearance of the Angel to Mary and the time of Jesus's conception?
  9. Angels: Can they be considered as people?
  10. What are the true words of God?
  11. Why did Jesus want to meet the disciples in Galilee after his resurrection?
  12. Why did the Lord Jesus appear to His disciples after resurrection?
  13. If God exists, why doesn't he use a platform like Quora to answer some of our long-sought questions?
  14. Is it true a person who has faith in Jesus must give his soul to Jesus?
  15. What is the nature of angels?
  16. How do I let an angel know I want to be with her in heaven?
  17. In your opinion, why are some spirits more God inclined than others, before and after creation?
  18. If Jesus was born in 7 BC or 2 BC (according to Wikipedia), then what is the significance of "Before Christ"? And why was the birth of Jesus Christ the dividing point of world history?
  19. Religion: Is it possible that Gods were a more advanced civilization that came before humans?
  20. My biggest problem with the Bible is reconciling the wrathful God of the Old Testament with the loving God of the New Testament. Does anyone else have a problem with these two totally opposing natures of God?
  21. Christianity: In what ways can the Christian church clarify and deepen their message?
  22. Abraham (biblical figure): If God asked you to sacrifice your child, would you?
  23. Which denomination of Church would Jesus attend?
  24. If you'd wake up realizing you're Jesus would all Church's wealth belong to you? If yes, what would you do?
  25. How could the world be today if Abraham, Jesus, or Mohammad had been female?
  26. How do atheists, Jews, etc. counter-argue the fact that the majority of the world uses time based on the life of a man 2000 years ago?
  27. How many years has it been since Jesus came and died on the cross?
  28. What is the first God ever believed by human?
  29. According to some interpretations of the bible, do babies go to hell since they cannot sincerely and consciously accept Jesus Christ as their savior?
  30. When the apostle Nathaniel approached Jesus in private and asked him about the truth of the scriptures what did Jesus say to him?
  31. It's better not to pray than to pray without the spirit of GOD. So what is the spirit of GOD? And how can I get it?
  32. Where shall the thirsty in spirit go to find the bread of life today?
  33. What are some of your favorite examples of beautiful poetry?
  34. If we want to welcome the return of the Lord Jesus, what is crucial for us?
  35. Why do people think there is more than one God?
  36. Would it have been better for Jesus to have been married so he could show humanity how to be a model husband?
  37. Why are there no contemporary descriptions of biblical characters, especially Jesus?
  38. What are some kid-friendly examples of the holy spirit?
  39. Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord, ’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven -- what does this verse mean?
  40. I found a religious question in which one person described meeting god on a bus/train. Cannot find it now, can anyone provide the link or question?
  41. Why do societies which believe in God have police and legal system for punishment and not the punishment given by God?
  42. Is it hard for God to love all of everybody in the world?
  43. Would most of you agree Evil is not a fact, evil is an opinion?
  44. What is the Sermon on the mount?
  45. Can a Christian work in the animation business?
  46. I lost my faith after the loss of a loved one. If you are a Christian, can you prove to me that God exists without using the Bible?
  47. Are we mirrors of God?
  48. God: Does thinking about your God produce in you any notion of infinity?
  49. Was Jesus Christ a Catholic or Protestant?
  50. Does God consider promises that don't bring any good to anyone?
  51. Why didn't Jesus continue to preach the Gospels after his resurrection?
  52. Why was a Christian God so active in the Old and New Testaments (directly or through Jesus) but since then there has been no activity at all?
  53. Christianity: If Jesus is God as some claim, whose voice spoke from heaven at Jesus' baptism saying: "this is my son whom I have approved, listen to him"?
  54. Would Jesus approve of Christian denominations? Christ emphasized unpretentious, humble, and virtue centered worship, not rituals and dogma.
  55. What is a sophisticated, Christian explanation of Jesus's suffering on the cross and how it offers salvation or reconciliation to humanity?
  56. How do virtues relate to God?
  57. What was new in Jesus' philosophy?
  58. Does God exist?
  59. If you have read the Urantia Book, what is your take on it? Why?
  60. What did Jesus say to Thomas in the Gospel of Thomas 13?
  61. Is God interesting?
  62. An incandescent lightbulb burns out in its socket. If the light is still switched on, does it still draw energy at all?
  63. What is the relationship of Apollonius of Tyana to Jesus? Why do his circumstances look like that of Jesus?
  64. What is the Kingdom of God?
  65. What was the significance of Jesus seeing Nathaniel under the tree?
  66. What is the real meaning of "saved"? If we believe in God does that mean we are saved?
  67. My religious mother wants me to talk to a psychiatrist because I don't believe in God. I am 24 and from India originally, if that is relevant. What do I do? If I decide to meet the psychiatrist, how should I be prepared to talk?
  68. What is the best evidence for a historical Jesus?
  69. Christian: What does it mean when God fails a promise made by Jesus?
  70. What do you know about the belief of Muslims In second coming of Jesus?
  71. Do you believe in Jesus? Why or why not?
  72. Why does character matter to God?
  73. What the significance of the humanity of Jesus Christ?
  74. If you had a time machine, would you go back in time to see if the Bible accurately depicted Jesus' birth?
  75. In Matthew 15:21-29 why was Jesus reluctant to heal the Canaanite woman?
  76. How should I ask God for something in prayer?
  77. How will the Lord Jesus come when and if he comes again?
  78. According to the Bible, how old was Jesus when he was crucified?
  79. Did Jesus command Christians to kill non-believers in Luke 19:27?
  80. What are some of the most compelling pieces of evidence for Jesus's resurrection? And please, I don't want answers from Non believers.
  81. Did Jesus ever get sick?
  82. What are some examples of "deviant" acts?
  83. God: What makes God happy?
  84. What do you think about faith in God and person's own success behind it?
  85. God: Do you believe that If God is with you, then who can be against you?
  86. Which God is greatest? Indian Hindu God or American Christian God?
  87. Who is Jesus Christ?
  88. Does God give personal revelation to people today apart from what is written in the Bible?
  89. Back while He was walking the earth, what type of answer do you think Jesus would have given to being asked, "Sir, if you're God, what's the 380.25−−−−−√380.25?"?
  90. What is the sovereignty of God?
  91. If Jesus is God why don't we consider ourselves as God too?
  92. It's written in the Holy Bible that Jesus is the son of God, but why do we pray to Jesus instead of God?
  93. How does the Bible define the worship that God expects from His creations?
  94. If God is infallible how did Lucifer defy him when Lucifer was created by God to serve God?
  95. Do you believe that we're saved by faith?
  96. Why are gods assumed to have a human-like personality, aside from quotes from religious texts?
  97. What is a good poem for a big sister?
  98. Where did Cain get his wife?
  99. How do you say "Go with God" in Spanish? When would that phrase be used?
  100. Is the Urantia book the Word of God?


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