Fundraiser for Children's School fees at His Grace Children's Home

Youth in Act-Uganda


Dear brethren, greetings to you all. With much pleasure, I would like to appreciate all the good work you are doing to bless this nation with your love by supporting the needy children of this nation. This day today with much humbleness I call upon you to join me by your will to fundraise for school fees and other scholastic materials for our children of this nation at His Grace Children's Home. The children have been denied to attend classes at school until when the school fees are paid. $2,545 is needed to pay the school fees including all the scholastic materials for the children this term. These little Angels have gone to school on heart and it's time we took action to this cause brethren and save the future of these little souls. You will receive thousands of blessings from the Lord as you consider helping these children through their journey of Education with whatever kind of support you may as the Lord might have guided you to. It could be $# or $## or more, for the Lord shall not hesitate to bless you for your kindness and loving heart to these children of God.


Or send directly using Western Union with this information or other Transfer Services.

For donations to us, please here is the information: Name: Waiswa John Billy Phone number: +256783713206 Email: May the good Lord bless you as you consider helping these children!

To make a donation via International Money Transfer Use the following information. Most services only require the name as it appears on the National ID Card and a mobile phone number. Usually the email address is optional. 

Or send directly to Bank
Beneficiary account name: Youth in Act-Uganda
Beneficiary account number: 3100054673

LocationMayuge - Uganda
Telephone: +256783713206
Mobile phone: +256783713206

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