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2. Daily Bread General Funding Program

Daily Bread General Funding Program


Daily Bread General Funding Program

Everyday life is much different in Uganda than it is as many people know it. You walk miles each day to fetch water, you cook food over a fire, you go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground. You may not have shoes, but as a child, you have to walk to school. Food is never certain; some days you may get it and some days you might not.

As an orphan, you have already lost both of your parents. You have to rely on caring adults to take care of you and provide for you. You are grateful for the things like blankets, so you don’t have to sleep cold, and the things like foam mattresses, so you do not have to sleep on the ground. You are thankful for everything that is given to you. Despite not having the material things that many children around the world have, these children often have a deeper happiness inside of them. 

The daily life needs of the orphans are listed out below. Ugandan currency is shillings. One U.S. dollar equals 3,550 shillings The exchange rate fluctuates here and there, but generally stays around 3,550. Therefore, some amounts are listed in dollars and some amounts are listed in shillings. When purchasing any of the supplies below, Ronald needs to pay for a ride into town and back, so travel fees need to be added. In Uganda, they use motorcycles called boda bodas. The boda boda drivers charge per trip, like a taxi service. You will often see furniture and other things stacked on top of the boda bodas. International gateway fees are deducted when sending money and also deducted again on the receiving end when the money is sent. 



    - Food for the month is roughly $200. The breakdown is $100 for 100 kg of rice, $75 for 100 kg of beans, $10 for 10 kg of sugar, and $9 for other ingredients like onions, tomatoes and curry powder. 

    - Toothpaste and Toothbrushes come in combo packs. The cost is $20 total for all the children to have some. (They are 1,500 shillings each, which is $15, plus the international money transfer fees and the transportation fees for Ronald to go to town and back.) 

    - Soap costs $20 a box, which has several bars in it. 

    - School Fees are due quarterly. The older children's school fees are higher than the younger children's. Out of the children at the orphanage, 31 owe 18,500 shillings per term, 2 owe 40,000 shillings per term, and 2 owe 30,000 shillings per term. If they do not pay before school starts for the term, they are not allowed to attend. School books and supplies are also mandatory for the children to bring with them, and those items cost extra. Uniforms are required in some schools. 

    - The children also do not have many clothes. They only have one outfit each, which is worn down from time, as well as the Lord's Mercy Foundation T-Shirts that we have provided at the end of last year. Sponsorship includes clothes but most of the children are not sponsored yet. Ronald would like to purchase fabric, as most clothes in Uganda are hand made. The shoppes in town sell fabric and have taylors on site to measure the children. He would like to be able to purchase additional outfits for the children to wear. To see photos of some of the fabric Ronald has selected, click here. Care packages may also be sent. The foundation's mailing address is at the bottom of the previous page (the Main Group page). 




The children at The Lord's Mercy Foundation currently have the following needs: 

    - Closed shoes for walking to school and back in the rain ($15 each for 35 children = $525 total). Currently 29 out of the 35 children have lost their old flip flops and now have no shoes at all. The rains are making it very difficult for the children to get around on the muddy grounds, and standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which carry Malaria in Uganda, so Ronald does not want the children near the puddles after the rain. *** We had started raising funds for these but we decided it was more necessary for the children to at least have sandals so they were not barefoot. Therefore, we used the funds we had to purchase sandals and will begin fundraising for this again.   NEED MET!!! 


The widows under the care of The Lord's Mercy Foundation currently have the following needs: 

    - mattresses ($20 each for 10 widows = $200 total)

    - bean seeds to plant for the children to eat  Need Met!!!

    - maize to grow for the children to eat 


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Lord's Mercy Foundation

Lord's Mercy Foundation

Wantanda Ronald Lord's Mercy Foundation - There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.