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Fundraising Project Page Office and Mini-Tailoring: Revision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower young girls to grow up to be self-sustainable, confident women. These girls often have a rough start in life. We exist to be a safe-haven for them to come to in time of need, to be able to get food and shelter if needed, and to help be available for after-school programs. We teach our girls self-respect and confidence and cannot wait to see them grow up to be successful, powerful women! 

Project Requirements


  • Zink Pan 4FT X 30 =$100.00 US
  • Cement 4 Bags     =$30.00 US
  • Sillote cost            =$15.00 US
  • Five leave of board cost $25.00 US
  • Total Requirements= 170.00 US

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Save The Young Girls Foundation

Save The Young Girls Foundation

Save The Young Girls Foundation Sierra Leone