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In Uganda their are over one million children orphaned and in need of support from the world communities.

Please if you will help to remedy this situation by assisting those willing to offer the necessities of life and the possibility of education to these little ones. 


As we were looking after the health of Kagoya Gloria, this came onto our table and needs great attention for the good of those in need in Uganda. 

The temporary home where the children are was rented in October 2015, we paid the rent for three years and the contract is going to expire in October this year. We expected that if things go well and God will help us, we shall be able to get our permanent home before the end of the contract. Unfortunately, things haven’t been so good. 

Now as we come towards the end of the contract, the landlord wants us again to renew the contract for three years of which we have to pay a lot of money again for rent. 

The money that we have to pay in advance for rent can almost buy a piece of land and our plan is to have a permanent home before the end of this year. 

The landlord says if we are not ready to renew the contract, he is ready to bring another person who will give him the money he wants. Meaning that we have to leave the home as soon as our contract with him has expired. 

We proposed that he allow the rent to be paid per month and he refused it. Now the there are two options that we were left with. Either to leave the home as soon as our contract has expired or to renew the contract. 

We now very blocked and we don’t know what direction to take because of the following;

First the money that has to be paid as rent can buy a small piece of land and in our plans we have the need for a permanent home.

Secondly, the period we have to pay for is too long and we expect that at the end of it we shall be in our own home.

If we are to pay the money, it means that our plan to have a permanent home will not be fulfilled as much of the money will go for rent. If we decide on buying a piece of land where the project is going to be, it means we shall not have any funds to put there any building.

Kenneth proposed that we can put up a temporary building but what about the latrine, it can’t be temporary.
So it is so hard to make a decision under such circumstances. I would like my dear friends to give me advice on this issue. Please contribute any ideas you may have for a better future for our children.

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Naigaga Naume​ & Mwiri K Emmanuel ○ Children's Charity Uganda. Jesus came to save us without favor and discrimination To the lord, be the glory. God is love!