The life that we live in Africa

These children require the good will of the good Samaritans of the world to secure food, clothing, shelter and the chance for an education that will secure for them through their own honest efforts of mind and body all the essentials of living. Please consider becoming one of the good Samaritans of their lives. 




I greet you all in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

I thank you all for what you are doing here in this site of God. I welcome you all whoever and wherever you are to have a look to this post and then come and join us in the liberation of orphans at. Hope Orphans Centre Iganga  from suffering. We are in need of $443.00 USD for school fees for our children. Please help with any that you are willing to surrender to these children for their education and for a better future. The education that they are going through will help them in the future and eventually they will be able to sustain themselves. By giving us a helping hand. Your contribution will be very crucial towards their success in life. Blessed is the helping hand.



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    Naigaga Naume

    Naigaga Naume

    Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga is an orphans certre operating in the the eastern district of Iganga in Buyanga Sub-County in Uganda-Africa. it was started in 2017 by Naigaga Naume following the suffering and the unbearale condition that the orphans African children were going through. She is an agricultural woman who decide to comit the little reousrce to liberate and at the same time resotore the happiness of the orphans on the black continet. Following her operation, the organisation was registered with the local governed and it obtaineda crtificate of registration in 2017. we noticesd the need to serve God and helping the needy is one of the ways to serve God. we grow different crops in order to make these kids survive and as an attempt to meet thier needs. however, with the increasing number of orphans in the oganisation, the reosuerces became limited and we were anable to provide the orphans with the best needs. on that note therefore, we call upon our dear friends all over the world and those willing to serve the lord plus all indiviauals, organisation among others who feel conserned about the life and well being of the orphaned african child to come and join us at Hope Orphans Centre-iganga and we advocate for a change in the living conditions of the orphans. they are in need of food, shelter, medical care, education among other basic needs in human nature. God is love and together for better lives of he orphaned afrian children. Be blessed in the might name of our lord jesus christ. for help, use western union, money gram or world remit. tghe monye gram and western union details are. Name: naigaga naume. country: uganda. District: iganga. subcounty: buyanga. for world remit, the number is +256775059722 and it is in the names of naigaga naume