Sponsorship Letter for the Church Blog ● Fundraising

Sponsorship letter for the Church blog
Bro. Amule Isaac
Restoration of God's Glory Church Children’s Ministry
To DonorSee,
Charitable giving among donors who regularly or sometimes give to new causes/charities is heavily motivated by affiliation and existing donor knowledge of an organization and is somewhat unresponsive to solicitation. 
As you might know we are hosting our annual/biannual /monthly event , (funding event of the buying church land) on 18th/08/2017 at our church premises. And we have a lofty goal of raising $8000 in order to reach our goal.
Without your assistance and sponsorship, we won't be able to reach that goal. In order to continue serving our congregation, we need your help.
Would you consider donating $ 8000 to sponsor this event ? Your donation will bring us one step closer .
To show our gratitude for your support, (Restoration of God's Glory Church Children’s Ministry) 
We hope you’re able to contribute, and we appreciate your continued support and involvement in our community.
To make a contribution, simply include your gift in the self-addressed and stamped envelope included with this letter or hand-deliver your donation to Restoration of God's Glory Church. If your are viewing this information on our Community Online Network please use the contact information below this article. 
Many thanks in advance for your sponsorship! We look forward to seeing you at ceremony.
 Pastor Isaac Amule
Restoration of God's Glory Church Children’s Ministry

Contact Information

 Amule Isaac CEO Restoration of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry 

Email: AmuleIsaac20@gmail.com

Phone: +256757376460/772455308


Send to UBA Bank to Amule Isaac Account # 0000925247

or Send MonyGram or Western Union to Amule Issac and then send MTCN Transfer Number to AmuleIsaac20@gmail.com 

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Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

ISAAC AMULE ○ Restoration Church is a the place to be. In that place there is peace,joy and salvation. In R.C.M it's where people's souls have been set free and many have been redeemed trough the servant of God Bro.ISAAC AMULE ,My humble prayer is,God remarkably bless your servant Bro. Amule Isaac, Richly bless the works of his hands,and bless the blessings of his children. I thank God for my spiritual home." God be the glory.