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Sponsor a Child's Education in Uganda

Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry ● RCM

Jesus said "l am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the father expect through me"  John 14:6

All children deserve a chance to education. It does not matter what part of the world you reside or the body in which you were born. The second term of School opened on Monday the 18th of September, please we are calling upon all our friends to stand with us this time round again as we take our children back to school. At only $60*3 a month you will help a child stay in school.follow us to the donate page and send in you support/donation for this school term.


Contact Information

 Amule Isaac CEO Restoration of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry 

Email: AmuleIsaac20@gmail.com

Phone: +256757376460/772455308


Send to UBA Bank to Amule Isaac Acount # 0000925247

or Send MonyGram or Western Union to Amule Issac and then send then send MTCN Transfer Number to AmuleIsaac20@gmail.com 

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Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

ISAAC AMULE ○ Restoration Church is a the place to be. In that place there is peace,joy and salvation. In R.C.M it's where people's souls have been set free and many have been redeemed trough the servant of God Bro.ISAAC AMULE ,My humble prayer is,God remarkably bless your servant Bro. Amule Isaac, Richly bless the works of his hands,and bless the blessings of his children. I thank God for my spiritual home." God be the glory.