A message from: Verne Joseph Finucane-Urantia A PERSONAL COMMENTARY ON LIVING LIFE. AND SUGGESTIONS ON POSSIBLE CHANGES TO IMPROVE AMERICA. First, always tell the truth, try to say what you mean and mean what you say. Try and say what you’re going to do, then do what you say and if you can't for whatever legitimate reason, let the other affected parties know. Try never to leave others hanging. Always try to speak from the heart and learn from your errors, grow and evolve. We are experiential creatures, we learn, grow and evolve by doing, making daily decisions, by seeking the truth and taking effective action. Think logically and not emotionally. 

Try and see the whole picture. Example, excerpt from The Urantia Book: 

" In the mind’s eye conjure up a picture of one of your primitive ancestors of cave-dwelling times — a short, misshapen filthy, snarling hulk of a man standing, legs spread, club upraised, breathing hate and animosity as he looks fiercely just ahead. Such a picture hardly depicts the divine dignity of man. But allow us to enlarge the picture. In front of this animated human crouches a saber-toothed tiger. Behind him, a woman and two children. Immediately you recognize that such a picture stands for the beginnings of much that is fine and noble in humans, but the man is the same in both pictures. Only, in the second sketch, you are favored with a widened horizon. You therein discern the motivation of this evolving mortal. His attitude becomes praiseworthy because you understand him. If you could only fathom the motives of your associates, how much better you would understand them. If you could only know your fellows, you would eventually fall in love with them. *   100:4.5 (1098.2) http://www.urantia.org

You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will. Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments. It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being. If each day or each week you achieve an understanding of one more of your fellows, and if this is the limit of your ability, then you are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing your personality. Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious. If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man."  100:4.6 (1098.3)

PERSONAL COMMENTARY CONT'D Somethings are out of our direct control or you may have to think outside the box to surmount them. Sometimes we suffer the consequences of other people's actions. Spiritual Growth is the most important. Doing God's will, need not be complicated. 

  • 1: Simply Love our Father, the First Source and Center of all creation, The Grand Creator of all the grand universe material and spiritual, the Infinite Upholder of all that is, was and ever will be. Love him not out of fear of going to hell or being punished as some would have you believe, this is a false kind of love. Love him for giving you your life, free will and the possibility of the grand adventure of eternal life. 
  • 2: Strive to live by the Golden Rule taught by Jesus. " Do onto others as you would have done to you". Love your fellow man. 

Try to help others whenever possible but do so within your means. Get involved in your community. Know what’s going on around you Locally, Nationally and in the world. Check the facts, do your own research, don't take things at face value. Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. What we fail to learn in this short life we will be taught in the next. We are in God's Kindergarten when it comes to knowledge and experience on a universal cosmic and spiritual levels. The wonders of the universe are ours to seek and be shown to the God Seeking, God Loving Mortals of time and space. 

We are at but the beginning of God's eternal plan, Act 1, what an adventure he has planned for his children. And armed with this knowledge and having faith this can give man now a kind of eternal peace of mind. Give him the strength and courage to endure, adapt and to overcome any obstacles that he may face in this eternal journey. 

Never stop learning, Anthony Robbins the Motivational coach teaches the Theory of C.A.N.I. Can I. Constant and Never-ending Improvement. Learn something new each day and if something doesn't work for you, forget it and let the negative flow downstream. Stagnation is death. Life is fluid, moving and changing. I recently created this formula as an example to live by T+V+FT=K K+TEA=SUCCESS add this to an accurate knowledge of our living God, then have peace of mind. 

Read (Suggested reading paper 130 of the Urantia Book, ON THE WAY TO ROME, section 6 THE YOUNG MAN WHO WAS AFRAID pages 1437,1438 @ http://www.urantia.org

Breaking down the formula: T=Trust you have to trust your fellow man. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Living cynical is no way to live. However you need to V=Verify. You must verify that this person you allow in your circle of life, your sphere of influence, be it personal or business is who he says he is and does what he says he will do. An example you hire a person to be your CFO of your Company. It would be in your best interest to occasionally, to go check the books after all it's your company your responsible for how it runs. Just like it’s your life and you are responsible for how you run it or do allow life to run you? You allow people into your sphere of influence you just need to make sure they are a positive influence. Next is FT=Follow Through. Always follow through with what you say you’re going to do and If you can't let the affected parties know. If you fail to follow through or to notify the affected parties of the change you lose credibility. If you do all this that equals K. K=Knowledge. You have to be aware of your surroundings. Now Knowledge is great however you must then go to the next step TEA=Take Effective Action. 

You can have all the Knowledge in the world but if you don't use it in an effective way what good is it. Don't Be Selfish Pass the Knowledge on. Start a new project or set new Goals. If you find someone in your direct sphere of influence who is negatively affecting you try to turn him around if that fails then you must cut him loose. Don't let other problems become yours unless you’re able to help. So many times, we allow the problems of others to become ours and we are not in a solid position to help and all that happens is the other people problems weight us down, hinder us from obtaining our goals and they eventually go down anyway. 

Once you are in a solid position then you can offer assistance with no negative consequences on yourself or family or friends. (Story by VJF): let's say we are on a cruise ship heading to the Virgin Islands. With us is us are family and friends. Where in the middle of the Atlantic and suddenly there is a disaster at sea? The ship is going to sink, and the Captain orders abandon ship. So, you, of course, gather your family and friends and head to the lifeboats. You are all put in one boat, lowered down. You push off and start to row. Just over the horizon, there is an Island and safety. You start for the island however you notice a small hole in your lifeboat and water is coming in. But it's not a big problem. You assign some people to bail out the water as others row. Everyone is working together to get to safety. Suddenly you hear a cry for help there is another passenger from the ship alone in the water. You do the Christian thing and row over and pull him into to boat You give him food and water. Now this person is able-bodied. You ask this person to help row or bail, but this person continues to sit there, he is not helping row or bail or doing anything helpful. But he is eating and drinking from your supplies. Now you may choose to let this go on for a time that's up to you and the group. But now this person pulls out a gun and proceeds to shoot several more holes in your boat. Now, what do you do? 

  • 1: Allow him to continue shooting more holes eventually causing the boat to sink and you, your family and friends all go to the bottom and drown. 
  • 2: You attack and kill him. Throwing the body overboard. 
  • 3: You Capture Him. Tell him you gave him a chance and he did nothing to contribute to the safety of the boat or wellbeing of the group, that he willfully refused to become a helpful contributing member of the group and then with malice and forethought he rejected that help and tried to kill or cause injury to innocent people. So, you give him a life vest, a little food, and water and place him back in the ocean and tell him to fend for himself. Now, this able-bodied man is what my father called a leach on society. 

They of their own volition choose not to be a productive member of society however for some unknown reason be it ego or mental illness they believe and expect society to take care of them. Get a free ride with all the trimmings. They do nothing to try to contribute to the betterment of the group. They take and take. Now I ask you why a society would choose to take care of such people to their own detriment and demise. Now I am not talking about people who are disabled and can't work. Or the person who has lost their job. There are good reasons for the Government to provide welfare and food stamps to its citizens in need. However, it should be a temporary solution to the able-bodied and sound of mind. It should not become a way of life. 


Personally, I think this country should develop and enforce a two-year commitment from its youth of mandatory community service. Starting at age 18, a choice of two years in the Military Branch of their choice, two years of Community Service In a conversation Corp. The Conservation Corp would be designed to teach members about the Environment and the interaction with human progress and development i.e.: planting trees, aquaculture etc. or two years of service in a Trade Corp. The Trade Corp would be formed to teach the members a useful trade in the construction type industry. It's formation and chief goal rebuilding America's infrastructure, road, bridges, electrical grid, gas, and water, waste management. Both community service programs would be coed and run in a paramilitary fashion. After successful completion for their community service, they then are granted full citizenship rights. I.e.: The right to Vote. (Of course, this would require an amendment to Constitution changing the voting age to 20) Personally I believe that to be a good idea from what I see of America youth of today, they are I'll-informed on current events, accurate American history, Civic duty, they know more about the Kardashians, The size of Kim's Ass and Catlin Jenner than they do How our country works, the challenges we face both foreign and domestic These community service programs should include focus on teamwork, patriotism, working for the greater good of our people, country and the world. Courses should include the reason and importance of Duty, Honor, Country. 

Special significance should be focused on the Declaration of Independence. The US Constitution and the rights it affords, the responsibility of every citizen to live by and protect those rights. And the importance of each citizen to vote and do their due diligence on the individuals running for public office. And if I had my way, I would mandate term limits on Congressional Office. State and Federal. 2 six-year terms for the Senate total 12years, 3 four-year terms for The House of Representatives total 12 years. I would make it illegal for corporations to donate to anyone running for public office. The Founding fathers never intended that political office be a lifetime job. 

It was supposed to be an honorable way for citizens to do public service with the sole goal of working for the betterment of the people and the country. You go to Washington do some good for a couple of terms than get out to make way for others to perform public service. It was never meant to become a permanent job or a way of life. And it certainly was never meant as a position to help the corporation's profit. I would also make corporate lobbying as it currently is illegal. I would make Breach of the Public Trust a Felony carrying with it the death sentence and life in prison. Anyone in public office would be subject to this law. Any public official found to be breaking the laws of the United States, taking bribes, doing special favors for any type of compensation, treason, subversion, misappropriation or misuse of public or government assets, abuse of power, violating the Constitution committing any high crimes or misdemeanor. 

All those holding public office via election or by appointment will be held accountable to the public. Lastly for those who deemed by a jury of their peers to be totally unwilling to work within the bounds of societal Laws, who have failed all attempts at rehabilitation. Those who are deemed morally and spiritually bankrupt? As opposed to being imprisoned for life burdening the taxpayers with the high cost of housing and feeding them for life instead should be stripped of their civil rights and banished from the United States. They should be taken and dropped in the heart of the African desert and left to fend for themselves. 

Of course, this country would and desperately needs to tighten and enforce border security. Only those born in this country or who go through the legal immigration process sworn an oath to live by, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States and laws of this land and while encouraged to keep a love for their native land and heritage do hereby swear and affirm to assimilate and adopt and abide by the customs of their host country. Only those meeting these requirements earned the rights afforded by this country all others are in violation of US Law and shall not be afforded any rights or entitled to apply for any form of federal or local government assistance. 

Any company found to be employing illegal or undocumented worker shall be fined $50,000 per Violation and the owner or officers of said company or corporation shall be charged with a 3rd degree Felony punishable by 5 years in federal prison. Any person found to giving aid or assistance to illegal or undocumented worker shall be found in violation of federal law subject to $1000 fine and or 1 year in prison It's time to put America first, rebuilding our infrastructure, our Military or industrial complex, become energy self-sufficient, invest in our farmland and agriculture being able to provide food for every American. Only, the surplus to be traded. Invest in proper education, focusing on Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Computer Engineering, 

Real American History, Language arts, communication skills, human motivation, economics, American Government, The Declaration of Independence, loyalty, ethics, evolution, and creative design. Trade skills The need for society to have and focus on having and keeping a stable traditional family base. Then from a strong home base, you can go out and help others. If your house and your neighbor’s house are on fire it would be foolish of you to drop your hoses and run over to put your neighbor’s house fire out while your house with all your belongs and family in it burn to the ground. 

First, you put your house fire out and ensure your family is safe. Ladies and Gentlemen America's house is on fire an unresponsive Congress to the needs of the people. A Congress that is more concerned with others than their own people. Loss of our industrial base, the reliance of imports, Foreign oil, Uncontrolled debt, giving foreign aid to other countries, many of whom dislike or hate us or have no economic or strategic value. All of this while American Infrastructure declines to third world status. Our roads and bridges are in horrible shape some out & out dangerous. Our commitment to space exploration virtually non- existent during the Obama presidency. We were paying Russia 70,000,000 to ferry our astronauts to the space station. 

Radical Islam is attempting to dominate the world. 


Anyone who has done independent historical and current events research knows the truth about Islam and Mohammed and the planned takeover by first peaceful immigration, then population growth refusing to assimilate to their host nation laws, mores, customs or traditions. Forcing the host country to accept Sharia Law etc. One just must research what’s happening in the countries in Europe. What we need is awareness and to try to solve our problems with both fatherly and brotherly love. However, we must also be ready to accept that love may not resolve the problems with the real goals of Islam as stated in the Quran. If they are unwilling to accept reason and peacefully coexistence than we must be ready and willing to defend the faith and the civilized world. 

 Excerpt from the Urania Book133 For days they talked about this problem of manifesting mercy and administering justice. And Ganid, at least to some extent, understood why Jesus would not engage in personal combat. But Ganid asked one last question, to which he never received a fully satisfactory answer; and that question was: “But, Teacher, if a stronger and ill-tempered creature should attack you and threaten to destroy you, what would you do? Would you make no effort to defend yourself?” Although Jesus could not fully and satisfactorily answer the lad’s question, inasmuch as he was not willing to disclose to him that he (Jesus) was living on earth as the exemplification of the Paradise Father’s love to an on looking universe, he did say this much: 133:1.4 (1469.3) “Ganid, I can well understand how some of these problems perplex you, and I will endeavor to answer your question. First, in all attacks which might be made upon my person, I would determine whether or not the aggressor was a son of God — my brother in the flesh — and if I thought such a creature did not possess moral judgment and spiritual reason, I would unhesitatingly defend myself to the full capacity of my powers of resistance, regardless of consequences to the attacker. Excerpt from the Urania Book133:1.3 (1469.2) https://www.urantia.org 

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TEPOT The Evolutionary Process Of Thought

TEPOT The Evolutionary Process Of Thought

" In the mind’s eye conjure up a picture of one of your primitive ancestors of cave-dwelling times — a short, misshapen filthy, snarling hulk of a man standing, legs spread, club upraised, breathing hate and animosity as he looks fiercely just ahead. Such a picture hardly depicts the divine dignity of man. But allow us to enlarge the picture. In front of this animated human crouches a saber-toothed tiger. Behind him, a woman and two children. Immediately you recognize that such a picture stands for the beginnings of much that is fine and noble in humans, but the man is the same in both pictures