Important News about Venezuela from Helen Please Share

Important News about Venezuela
Letter from Helen Buyniski
Hello all,
I've just published an article on Veterans Today about the US' regime-change coup in Venezuela, which you can read here (below the top video): (it's also up on my site & my Medium page because MOAR IS BETTER, clearly). Working on a longer piece about the ever-widening gap between American foreign policy & reality which should be done sometime in the next century...
Also, my most recent radio show with Tom Kiely's INN World Report is up here 
 commercial-free if you missed the original broadcast. 
Please share & post these links if you enjoy them! i'm hopelessly shadowbanned on Failbook, so aside from the five people who can see my posts, there's little point to beating my head against that wall. If you've found other social media platforms that work for you, please let me know, as i'm still interested in organizing some kind of mass migration off Mr. Zuckerberg's Magical Data-Mining Behavioral Experiment.
i hope 2019 is treating you well. If you have no idea why you're getting emails from me & want this to stop immediately, just say so, i am eminently reasonable...
best wishes,