• Paul Kemp Administrator

      Thank you Billy John Waiswa, for your kind words. It is the love and determination of citizens of Uganda like yourself who are truly transforming Uganda in the very presence of the Orphan crises your Nation is now facing. Godspeed to all of you in this great undertaking and may the citizens of the international families join with you in this work with the children.

      • Billy John Waiswa

        By Billy John Waiswa

        Thank you very much Paul Kemp for the work you are doing for this nation. God bless you always brother!

        • Paul Kemp Administrator

          Please give a warm Welcome to New Members Naomi,
          Ssengendo Yasin Siginalamina, Diane Denison, Cloudine Fabre, Bode Suresh, Billy John Waiswa, Samantha Tyler, Wandha Yoweri, Asbury Broadnax, Pastor Caroline Musagala and Bishop Moses Kaharwa

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