From a spiritual perspective, what do you think a selfless donation should consist of? What portion of your wealth? How does God and his Divine Sons see these material realities?

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    What does selfless act of sharing look like 


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      • Paul Kemp Administrator
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        Spiritual Insights

        The life experience of Jesus provides a clear definition of how the Universe gages generosity. 

        And now, as the evening drew on and the crowds went in quest of nourishment, Jesus and his immediate followers were left alone. What a strange day it had been! The apostles were thoughtful, but speechless. Never, in their years of association with Jesus, had they seen such a day. For a moment they sat down by the treasury, watching the people drop in their contributions: the rich putting much in the receiving box and all giving something in accordance with the extent of their possessions. At last there came along a poor widow, scantily attired, and they observed as she cast two mites (small coppers) into the trumpet. And then said Jesus, calling the attention of the apostles to the widow: “Heed well what you have just seen. This poor widow cast in more than all the others, for all these others, from their superfluity, cast in some trifle as a gift, but this poor woman, even though she is in want, gave all that she had, even her living.”
        As the evening drew on, they walked about the temple courts in silence, and after Jesus had surveyed these familiar scenes once more, recalling his emotions in connection with previous visits, not excepting the earlier ones, he said, “Let us go up to Bethany for our rest.” Jesus, with Peter and John, went to the home of Simon, while the other apostles lodged among their friends in Bethany and Bethpage.
        • Patrick Yesh
          By Patrick Yesh

          thanks, that kind of giving and generosity has always been amazing to me... and hopefully I can do the same except when the car costs over 2000$ to fix and insure in one month so I can drive about gospeling. how does one balance that with giving to the revelation?

           oh well, I have in me the banker CEO of the universe and never have been good with math AND FINANCES, BUT HAVE FAITH HE DOES. FAITH SEEMS TO BE STRENGTHENED IN TIMES LIKE THESE.