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Who is Machiventa Melchizedek? Is he just a legend?

    Paul Kemp Administrator
    Asked by Paul Kemp Administrator

    Their is much appearing on the Internet about a Melchizedek called Machiventa. Who is he? 

    Who is Melchizedek?

    Who is Melchizedek?

    While the Melchizedek orders are chiefly devoted to the vast educational system and experiential training regime of the local universe, they also function in unique assignments and in unusual circumstances. In an evolving universe eventually embracing approximately ten million inhabited worlds, many things out of the ordinary are destined to happen, and it is in such emergencies that the Melchizedeks act. On Edentia, your constellation headquarters, they are known as emergency Sons. They are always ready to serve in all exigencies — physical, intellectual, or spiritual — whether on a planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the universe. Whenever and wherever special help is needed, there you will find one or more of the Melchizedek Sons.