What is the difference between Cherubim and Seraphim?

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    What is the difference between Cherubim and Seraphim?

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        Cherubim and Seraphim


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        Angels (Christian religion)

        Q● How do the cherubim differ from the seraphim?

        A● While both the angelic orders of Cherubim and Seraphim are created by the bride and co-ruler with Christ the Universe Mother Spirit (whom has equality with him in all endowments of personality and attributes of divine character) these two orders of angels are very different in angelic endowments.

        The seraphim are ascending beings as is man, and while man is endowed with an evolutionary mind made divine by the indwelling spirit of both the Father and the Creator Son the angels both seraphim and cherubim are endowed with the lowest reach of a spiritual type of mind.

        In order to truly understand and love these fellow sojourners and their varying potentials of service in the ascension career of the Father’s universe we must understand the need for challenge and growth and the true value of the supreme satisfactions of loving service in the careers of both men and angels as they together ascend the universes of time and space.

        The immediate needs of our evolving universe with the appearance of the mortals of the realms required fully qualified angels to act as the Destiny Guardians of man’s ascension career thus did these superior type of angels the seraphim come forth from the creative efforts of the Universe Mother Spirit in greater and greater numbers.

        These beautiful ministers to the minds and souls of mankind always like the cherubim serve in pairs. One active or positive and outgoing in personal energy and power the other negative, reflective and reclining always tuned to the inner circuits of universe spiritual administration that guide the path of men and angels.

        You can learn more about the seraphim in these writings.

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        Cherubim and Sanobim

        In all essential endowments cherubim and sanobim are similar to seraphim. They have the same origin but not always the same destiny. They are wonderfully intelligent, marvelously efficient, touchingly affectionate, and almost human. They are the lowest order of angels, hence all the nearer of kin to the more progressive types of human beings on the evolutionary worlds.

        Cherubim and sanobim are inherently associated, functionally united. One is an energy positive personality; the other, energy negative. The right-hand deflector, or positively charged angel, is the cherubim — the senior or controlling personality. The left-hand deflector, or negatively charged angel, is the sanobim — the complement of being. Each type of angel is very limited in solitary function; hence they usually serve in pairs. When serving independently of their seraphic directors, they are more than ever dependent on mutual contact and always function together.

        Cherubim and sanobim are the faithful and efficient aids of the seraphic ministers, and all seven orders of seraphim are provided with these subordinate assistants. Cherubim and sanobim serve for ages in these capacities, but they do not accompany seraphim on assignments beyond the confines of the local universe.

        The cherubim and sanobim are the routine spirit workers on the individual worlds of the systems. On a nonpersonal assignment and in an emergency, they may serve in the place of a seraphic pair, but they never function, even temporarily, as attending angels to human beings; that is an exclusive seraphic privilege.

        When assigned to a planet, cherubim enter the local courses of training, including a study of planetary usages and languages. The ministering spirits of time are all bilingual, speaking the language of the local universe of their origin and that of their native superuniverse. By study in the schools of the realms they acquire additional tongues. Cherubim and sanobim, like seraphim and all other orders of spirit beings, are continuously engaged in efforts at self-improvement. Only such as the subordinate beings of power control and energy direction are incapable of progression; all creatures having actual or potential personality volition seek new achievements.

        Cherubim and sanobim are by nature very near the morontia level of existence, and they prove to be most efficient in the borderland work of the physical, morontial, and spiritual domains. These children of the local universe Mother Spirit are characterized by “fourth creatures” much as are the Havona Servitals and the conciliating commissions. Every fourth cherubim and every fourth sanobim are quasi-material, very definitely resembling the morontia level of existence.

        These angelic fourth creatures are of great assistance to the seraphim in the more literal phases of their universe and planetary activities. Such morontia cherubim also perform many indispensable borderline tasks on the morontia training worlds and are assigned to the service of the Morontia Companions in large numbers. They are to the morontia spheres about what the midway creatures are to the evolutionary planets. On the inhabited worlds these morontia cherubim frequently work in liaison with the midway creatures. Cherubim and midway creatures are distinctly separate orders of beings; they have dissimilar origins, but they disclose great similarity in nature and function.

        If you are curious as to some of the work these beautiful, loyal and holy beings do to assist mankind it was through the labours of these angels that much of what is here written has come. The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, morontia cherubim, mid-phase cherubim, and seraphim. In the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less unified and made personally meaningful by the unobserved and mysterious operations of the divine Thought Adjuster man’s indwelling spirit of the Father himself.

        Their are also some truly touching and divinely motivated activities of these angels occurring invisibly just outside the range of human vision in the family home. These angels develop a supreme affection to their assignments and particularly enjoy the ministry with the Seraphim of their attachment to the little children of this world. Only the mothers and father’s of this world can by their experience understand the truth that the more you serve these little ones the deeper you love. The experience of loving is very much a direct response to the experience of being loved. And these angels work with great and loving care to ensure the earth child learns about the material and mindal energies flowing forth from their spiritual origins and help these little ones as quickly as possible manage the laws of prevailing life. And this service creates a deep caring and true affection for these little ones and this truth I know from my own experiences when as a little child of six years old I discovered that not only are these beings real they are deeply and abidingly personal, loyal and most importantly caring. One of their favourite teachings is the realization by the experience of their superhuman watchcare that the whole universe is friendly. These beings never experience fear.

        Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it for therein does time transcend to eternity.

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