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What is Spiritual Family Network

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    • Paul Kemp Administrator
      By Paul Kemp Administrator

      Spiritual Family Network 

      Hello Worldwide Friends and Family, 
      We are looking for forward looking individuals who are guided by spiritual insight to help us create a Spiritual Family Network Community 

      Spiritual Family Network has software engineering that combines the best features of Facebook such as Personal and Group Banners,  Friends lists, likes, comments, messaging, online chats, views counters, instant share links either on the Community or on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter. It has a Twitter feature called The Wire for posting important tweets. It has many YouTube features for posting videos in a Video Menu and embedding videos in Pages and Blogs.  

      A highly organized and full featured Group Plugin with its own menu systems for Group navigation and activity stream for easy viewing of Group activities. It has Quora like features for Questions and Answers an essential teaching platform. A message system as well as an Announcement feature for promoting Events and important information. Plus a separate Events calendar for posting events and listing attending members. 

      A full featured Personal Profile with a rich text editor. Both personal and Group Cover Banners and separate profile avatars. It features both member and Group Photo Albums with thumbnails for easy viewing.

      All this in a completely advertisement free browsing and Social Networking platform devoted to the spiritual work of this day and generation. A creative online atmosphere with no distractions from the pursuit of higher knowledge and spiritual living. 

      We have also added a Fundraiser Plugin for sponsoring the spiritual work of the world. Already we have been successful in raising funding and support for Groups such as The Samaritan Foundation Orphanage run by Mugerwa Isaac Shamiru in Uganda.  

      What we are looking for now is advanced human teachers of truth to add valuable thought gems to guide a troubled world of space into a glorious future. 

      Please seriously consider joining our growing family of truth seekers and spirit livers both here on Facebook and on our secure commerce free server at SpiritualFamily.net

      Thank you for your time and consideration of this project. Godspeed!

      Admin at
      Spiritual Family Network Community 

    Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers

    One of the most effective methods of placing new truth into the inquiring minds of sincere seekers after truth is to cultivate the grace of giving personal advise ONLY when it is asked for.