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Dawn Eybs-Johnson

About me

Hi My name is Dawn I have major health issues  that have caused me to become disabled.

Can you Help?

My name is Dawn I have major health issues  that have caused me to become disabled. Heart 4 stents, stroke which   caused major memory issues and problems walking, CVS cyclic vomiting syndrome where you get sick and you just can't stop I have COPD and I am on oxygen and three different types of inhalers. Last May and June these issues calls me to be hospitalized with incubation. Since then walking has become even harder and breathing has gotten worse. I see a primary doctor on a regular basis they long doctor a heart doctor a neurologist and a kidney doctor. June of last year my husband and I we're both hospitalized at the same time I was taken by ambulance directly from my car as I fell unconscious and unresponsive. My son took my husband home he was having problems breathing and forming sentences he was found two days later unconscious in the same position. Well in the hospital we both found out that we were in kidney failure we also found out that there's a possibility that it was gas poisoning. My husband since then has not been able to work since he has severe Damage Done to the right side of his body. My kidneys are doing better but his are not he has almost no use of his right hand he is now using a cane to help him get around. He lost his job due to that issue. I was awarded disability after fighting for it for years. They say I don't have enough work credits to receive regular disability so my disability is practically cut in half. My husband has since applied for disability but is going through all the red tape. We have become homeless we are staying in a camper that has no running water no electricity no refrigerator. We rely on the kindness of people from the church that called us to needy so we no longer go there. But a few of the people there are kind enough to get us gas to run a generator and kerosene to run a heater. It doesn't last the whole month maybe a day or two. The waiting list for Section 8 we're government housing is a minimum of 3 years. I own dogs that I believe and feel they are like my children I cannot just abandon them. We are living on my check of $735 a month but I have to pay storage and car insurance and pay a company back that I got ripped off on. Which leaves us no money to do anything with we were receiving food stamps enough to last us a month but when we became homeless they cut them more than half not understanding that when your homeless it cost more to eat because you can't buy food the store and cook later. We are asking anybody that is willing to help us get back on our feet to find affordable housing that accepts my dogs that are like my children. Any amount that you contribute would help us whether it is to go towards to the housing or just for gas so we can have electricity or kerosene so we can stay warm we live in Maryland and it has been very very cold. I am not at used to asking for people to help me I am usually the one that helps others. I have taken homeless people off the street and giving them a place to live and provided them food when my husband was able to work the two jobs he had. We know but God will not let us suffer. But if you could please help us any help would be grateful and you will be blessed all the more for it. I take a total of 22 prescriptions in month my husband takes for at this time I can't even afford to get my medication. We Believe I am having mini-strokes because the left side of my face is numb and it is getting weaker I see the neurologist again in February I'm hoping there isn't any more damage done to my brain but I'm not counting on it since being in the hospital I have a hard time swallowing food or liquid I get major headaches on a daily basis again hand and leg and eye tremors. We have all of our belongings in storage and we are doing everything we can not to lose them. Again if you could please help with any amount we will be internally grateful and God will bless you for your help. Thank you in advance and and know that once we are back on our feet we plan on paying this back. By helping other homeless people they can't get into shelters until 6 7 p.m. and have nothing to eat we figured the least we could do is possibly give them a cup of coffee or a bottle of water and a sandwich. People don't choose to become homeless it's something that happens due to circumstances I don't like living like this I have lost many friends due to being ill and not being able to go out and do things with them I have a walker that I use and an oxygen tank but I have to take with me when I'm out I haven't won at home but stays running and doesn't run out I have back issues which also stops me from being able to walk so again please if you can help us thank you

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