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Children Needing a Sponsor

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Children Needing a Sponsor 

In Uganda their are over one million children orphaned and in need of support from the world communities.

Please if you will help to remedy this situation by becoming one who is willing to Sponsor one or two of these children to help provide the necessities of life and the possibility of education for these little ones. 



I greet you all in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

I thank you all for what you are doing here in this site of God. I welcome you all whoever and wherever you are to have a look to this post and then come and join us in the liberation of orphans at. Hope Orphans Centre Iganga  from suffering. We are in need of Sponsors for our children. Please help with any that you are willing to surrender to these children for their education and for a better future. The education that they are going through will help them in the future and eventually they will be able to sustain themselves. By giving us a helping hand. Your sponsorship will be very crucial towards their success in life. Blessed is the helping hand.

WHO IS TO BE THE FIRST? Contact me! Naigaga Naume at Telephone: +256775059722 or email me at hopeorphanscentre@gmail.com


Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Naigaga Naume​ & Mwiri K Emmanuel ○ Children's Charity Uganda. Jesus came to save us without favor and discrimination To the lord, be the glory. God is love!