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Please Help Us Achieve Our Educational Funding!

Every child deserves an education. PLEASE help these little ones acquire theirs!


  • Naigaga Naume
    By Naigaga Naume

    Hello dear friends and all the concerned people about the life and well being of orphans in the world, particularly in Africa. Being illiterate in the world today is also most being in darkness. We are in need of $443.00 USD for all the kids in the organisation. This funding includes the lunch while at school, school fees, mid exams fees and end of term exams fees. We welcome any contribution from all friends. May God bless you all.

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga

Naigaga Naume​ & Mwiri K Emmanuel ○ Children's Charity Uganda. Jesus came to save us without favor and discrimination To the lord, be the glory. God is love!