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    Hello everyone. We greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Butiiki Children's Ministry is a pro life giving Ministry. Its aim and mandate is to uphold the scarcity of orphaned, vulnerable, abandoned children with welfare problems that provide these little ones with the necessities of living.
    It is also a Ministry for Youths and Widows empowerment. We have two branches, our main branch in Jinja holds 62 children and our secondary branch in Namutumba holds 34 children. The two branches are 65 km apart from each other, about 2 hours drive. At our main branch we have two caretakers and a cook, and at our secondary branch, only my mother volunteers as the caretaker. 

    We currently have a need to send 22 children to school. Currently, 74 out of our 96 children are attending school, but we do not have enough funds to send the last 22 of them to the School Systems of Jinja, Uganda. We are in need also to buy food at the orphanage that will provide for a full month that will cost $270.00, including all the spices and cooking oil we require for the month. This is the cheapest food that is available, which is maize flour. If you would like to provide healthy food for the children, please help us do so. We pay the Orphanage rent every month of $350.00 for all the Orphanage buildings, we call upon anyone willing to help the less fortunate.

    We call upon everyone who is willing to donate whatever you have, big or small, it can make a difference and change the lives of our children as well!It is good to give and giving with all your heart! And our Ministry depends upon just such a service of love. God bless you all peace and love.You may help by clicking here or using the YouCaring Donate link at the bottom of the page. 

    Robert Walugosi
    C.E.O. Butiiki Children’s Ministry



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    The Butiiki Children's Ministry ● Jinja, Uganda, Africa

    The Butiiki Children's Ministry ● Jinja, Uganda, Africa

    Robert Walugosi ○ The Children of Butiiki Children's Ministry are seeking your help in acquiring the necessities of life. Please take the time to reflect upon our mission here in Uganda.