FAQ about Sponsoring a Child at STYGF

FAQ about Sponsoring a Child

Volunteer roles can range from teaching a class, to working one-on-one with students with particular needs, to developing proposals, to designing a community project, to assisting with overall office work – just to name a few examples. Whatever the case may be, we tend to give our volunteers a lot of creative freedom over their work, whether it is in the office or out in the field. We have continuously perfected our culture of volunteerism to provide the best experience and the best collaboration possible to both the volunteers and the beneficiaries of our projects.

Please get in touch and let us know when, for how long and why you would like to become a Volunteer at Save The Young Girls Foundation. We will send you detailed information about traveling requirements, accommodation options and living costs right away so we can start to plan your trip as soon as you would like!


FAQ about Sponsoring a Child

Frequently Asked Questions about sponsoring a child with Save The Young Girls Foundation

1./ How long does sponsorship for a child last?

You sponsor a child, the child will stay in the program until they graduate from high school. It is your choice to continue to sponsor them to college if not, we look for other sponsors or get them into vocational training while we look for alternative sponsorship opportunities for college

2./ Can I get access to a child's academic reports?

Yes, you will have access to the academic records emailed to you directly on a consistent basis so long as you continue to sponsor the orphan.

3./ How often do I hear about the child?

Usually we send out quarterly reports to all children under sponsorship to their sponsors. Periodic reports may be available if requested by the sponsor. The first thing when you sign up to sponsor a child we will send you a video on STYGF model of sponsorship and a thank you letter from our CEO.

4./ Can I adopt the child I am sponsoring?

STYGF is not an adoption agency, but we do have to stand up and direct you to an adoption agencies.

5./ Can I send gifts to the child?

Yes, you can send direct gifts through STYGF to the kids you are sponsoring and special acknowledgment will be sent to you including photos. You can request to talk to the child directly which will be arranged through our field workers.

6./ Can I send money to the child?

No, all money transactions is through STYGF which will be expensed on behalf of the child accordingly.

7./ What can $30 a month do for a child?

Can feed one child a day with three quality meals.

8./ Can I exchanging pictures and letters with the child?

Yes, you can exchange pictures and letters with the child you decide to sponsor. This is part of them feeling loved and connected and a very good therapy for the child so they do not feel rejected and abandoned.

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