Mafubira Youth Development Association: Revision

Last updated by Wandira Ramathan

Our lovely brothers and sisters, this is Mafubira Youth Development Association Jinja Uganda. the organisation was established with the aim of helping the needy most especially the orphans and widows. we so far have 42 orphans who were got from street. we established for them a confined promises where we live with them. we also take this rare opportunity to thank you people for the good work your doing in God's vein yard. The organisation is aiming at empowering these orphans with skills in order for them to live a reasonable life in future. most orphans are still young therefore they need guidance and support. We thank God that last year they all passed the exams they did and we are heading to their respective classes. they are beginning on 5th of February. we therefore appeal for all the good Samaritans word wide to help us with school fees for these orphans. for the side of widows, we solicits for pads because that is the biggest challenge we face. our dear brothers and sisters we shall be very great full if our request meets your positive consideration.

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