Congratulations to member Barry Culligan for his Writing Accomplishments at Spirituality Ireland’s Best of 2017: Revision

Spirituality Ireland’s Best of 2017

Now that it’s safe to say that 2017 has passed, we are proud to present the best posts from each of our contributing bloggers over the last year. They have offered incredible insights, thoughts, knowledge, perspectives and inspiration over 2017. Without their contributions Spirituality Ireland wouldn’t be what it is.

Each blogger has supplied many posts and articles over 2017 and it would be difficult to choose just one out from a multitude of masterful pieces of writing. So the list below are the posts that have been shared the most from each blogger from their long list of posts on social media.

From all of us on the Spirituality Ireland team we wish you all a happy new year and the fondest and most cherished memories in 2018.

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The Devil's Milk



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