Our Christmas 2017 Fundraiser: Revision

Fundraising Appeals and Thanksgiving 


This is a special Christmas Fundraiser for our Orphanage. Thank you for showing an interest in the children of God's Love and Care Ministry this Christmas Season! To make a donation now simply click on the image below. Thank you! 


All donations received for this fundraiser will be transferred by Nicole Gonzalez to Julius Mwandha director of the orphanage in time for Christmas purchases. Thank you one and all for your continued support of this Children's Ministry. 




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God's Love and Care Ministry

God's Love and Care Ministry

Mwandha Julius & Namulondo Justin ○°Welcome to God's Love and Care Ministry ○ There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.