When All Plans Fails! What Next?: Revision

When All Plans Fails! What Next?


When All Plans Fails! What Next?
Many times our plans get derailed/failed as planned and thought, but the secret is to let go of them. Usually, a change of plans means the universe has something better in store.Only just to trust God Almighty through the spirit of truth resides within, and see what happens.
Each of us has the perfect love of God/Universe available to us. So indeed, it is ultimately up to us whether we allow the delusion of victimhood to settle in our mind or whether we choose to abide in the Mind of God and let ourselves and others off the hook. Brahma Kumaris.
We may go through hard times, but the lessons we learn makes us strong.
The most important thing is to live more so we learn more, and to never give up.
May The Spirit within Accelerate Our Personal Evolution and Assist Us In A Greater Capacity!
Abegunde Julius Taiwo.
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