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Welcome Message and Objectives


This group is for those who are motivated to create and sponsor a Urantia organization with the expressed purpose of supporting evangelists, ministers, teachers, preachers, disciples, apostles, missionaries and healers.


1. We propose to advocate the active growth of the revelation

2. We propose a policy of enabling, empowering, sponsoring and promoting the active participation of the Urantian community in furthering the revelation and the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

3. We propose a policy of supporting active individuals who have a desire to serve, minister and evangelize our communities, both locally and globally.

4. We propose a policy of encouraging teamwork; building relationship-based groups focused on spiritual goals; stimulating communication and networking with the community through all open avenues including group zoom calls, phone calls, messenger, Facebook and face-to-face meetings.

5. We propose to build small groups or help evolve existing groups into focus groups, care groups and spiritual groups focused on spiritual goals.

6. We propose to plan and sponsor worship-based conferences, ministries, prayer meetings and churches focused on outreach to the community and edifying believers.

7. We propose to emphasize the gospel of the kingdom of heaven and center our activities, policies and programs on Part IV of the Urantia Book, guided by the Spirit of Truth, taught by the life and teachings of Joshua ben Joseph and counselled by the inner spirit of God the Father.

8. We propose to train and become new teachers of the gospel exclusively devoted to the spiritual transformation of the individual. We agree to build and grow believers into kingdom builders, community leaders, spiritual activists and dynamic sons and daughters of the Living God.

We advocate the ABC’s of ministry:

A ) Evangelism – going out into all the world making disciples of all nations

B ) Teaching ministry – the inner circle of believers focused on teaching and training evangelists and ministers, worship leaders, administrators, healers.

C ) Healing ministry – creating healing programs of personal care, prayer, health and nutrition, online prayer and support for addictions, mental health, marital counselling, depression.



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Walker Road Revival

Walker Road Revival

Walker Road Revival

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