Christmas Fundraiser at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage - Budget Goals

Christmas Fundraiser 


Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services )  serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda (See our Profile) (See our Children

We are seeking the help and kindness of our greater world community to secure the real needs and necessities of living for the children under our care. 

Please share our information to help us obtain our objectives.



This is a special Christmas Fundraiser for our Orphanage. Thank you for showing an interest in the children of Samaritan Foundation Orphanage this Christmas Season! To make a donation now simply click on the image below. Thank you! 

All donations received for this fundraiser will be transferred with Western Union (money in minutes) to Mugerwa Shamiru CEO of Samaritan Foundation Orphanage in time for Christmas purchases. Thank you one and all for your continued support of this Children's Ministry. 

  • Received from Toni    $20.00 November 27th
  • Received from Debra $50.00 December 4th.
  • Received from Darlene  $100.00 Dec 22nd
  • Special Christmas Fundraiser closed until next season 
  • $70.00 Sent to SAFO Dec 22nd WU Money in Minutes 
  • $100.00 Sent to SSAFO Dec 229th WW Money in Minutes 

To make a Monthly Expense Donation Click the Image Below 



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Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Mugerwa Shamiru ○ Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services ) serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda Please take some time to see our Profile and review our Children's Albums. We are seeking the help of our greater world family to give new hope and education to the orphaned children of Uganda.