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    It would be of great service to the Children's Charities on the Spiritual Family Network if those new members joining the site in support of these ministries join the Children's Charity Group they have come to support. Also because so many of these Children's Charities are joining our Network we have set up a general "Children's Charity Support Services " group on our Network. Please if you think you can help out with the development of resources for this new Group please join this group as well. Thank you. 

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Farming God's Way Jina Training

Farming God's Way Jina Training
Thursday, January 11 2018 09:00
to Saturday, January 13 2018 13:00

Build an Opportunity for Africa EVENT



Farming God's Way Jinja Training 2018
Acacia Community Church

Jinja Kakira Junction

You're welcome to a three day Farming God's Way workshop in Kimaka, Jinja. The cost will be 40,000 ugx per person total to cover meals. The training will be both theory and practical. Come learn this life changing farming method that will increase your yields and your heart to build God's Kingdom through farming. The workshop is non residential. There are many good places to stay in Jinja. Contact Chris Sperling for details. 

Registration is due before December 15. Registration is done by paying 40,000 to Chris Sperling on 0782182820. Once you have paid your spot will be reserved.

Acacia Community Church

Register to event

40,000 ugx

Chris Sperling 0782182820

Build an Opportunity for Africa

Build an Opportunity for Africa

Carlee Goodwin ● Building a future for Africa! Through Self-Sustaining Farming

Contact Details

Chris Sperling https://www.facebook.com/sperling.equip