Adopting Children at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage and public support

Adopting Children at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage & Public Support


It's a new day today. Thank God for opening it up for us and may he help us to go through each day. 

Thank you so much for those who have contributed to our go back to school campaign at Safo. It's not yet sufficient so far, though we appreciate all the adoptees that you do a great work of improving lives of the children that you have adopted through Safo and the smiles that you bring on the children faces here. 

It's a discussion here with you good citizens of the world and Safo family. You should know that Safo rents land and buildings. Safo lacks the land for a permanent home. Also, some of the children at Safo lack a mattress to sleep on. As well at times, medication bills have to be paid. 

God, please give all our Safo friends and family a strong heart and kindness to always stand with us slowly and surely someday we shall finish as one by one we face each problem.

In case of anyone who can create for us a fundraising platform like GoFundMe, or a DonorSee page please contact us as we have every information needed and we shall deliver it to you. 

We need more cooperation and association
We need love
We need and deserve more support dear ones. 

Please don't stop, don't become weak in your support of us, don't lose interest in us, we rely on you and in case someone else would want to start giving a hand please you are welcome. 

Safo now needs another Safo family of good citizens or a team to consider us monthly, weekly or even occasional support any and all support is welcomed to change lives and improve the way of life. 

Please keep the spirit, let's go forward, let's share a talk about Safo, let's make Safo shine through supporting its programs in any way. 

We are the Samaritan foundation orphanage of Uganda. 
We love you.


Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services )  serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda (See our Profile) (See our Children

We are seeking the help and kindness of our greater world community to secure the real needs and necessities of living for the children under our care. 

Please share our information to help us obtain our objectives.




Adopting Children in Need from Afar


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Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

Mugerwa Shamiru ○ Samaritan Foundation Orphanage is a registered Uganda NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services ) serving the real needs of the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda Please take some time to see our Profile and review our Children's Albums. We are seeking the help of our greater world family to give new hope and education to the orphaned children of Uganda.