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Hello brothers and sisters we send our greetings to you in the name of our Lord. 

Living HOPE Foundation in Uganda. We care for the orphans and widows, we give them total care and here we kindly call upon those who can understand about being orphans, sleeping hungry, suffering from dangerous diseases, no education and sleeping on streets to join us today and help us with financial support, clothes, shoes and other children supplies. Those small things you will give to the orphans, will not just be a donation but a blessing to the children and you will be rewarded and be blessed by the Almighty Father in heaven. 

Living HOPE Foundation uganda is a profile life giving ministry. Whose mission and mandate is to uphold the sanctity of human life and endeavoring to meet physical, spiritual and emotional needs to the HIV/AIDS orphans and widows facing welfare problem.

Our aim is to reach all kinds and into the depths of HIV/AIDS afflicted people in both rural and urban communities through various means especially the teaching of the love and the virtue of Jesus Christ.

We are a fully registered Not for Profit Organization and derive our support from the invaluable services of volunteers and other Christian resources helping us to get to horizons and societies that can’t be easily reached by the average human. See Our Constitution

We have many projects and visions you should know about and so we encourage you to navigate through our pages and we pray you can find how to bless a life today. 

Living HOPE Foundation Uganda is a Community Based Initiative that started way back in a few weeks ago with the plight of transforming the disadvantaged livelihoods in eastern Uganda to live a better life. We are situated Inbudaka Town Council Budaka district which lies 200 kms west of Kampala City, Uganda’s capital. 


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    • Mukwana Abdallah Jr. LHFU
      • We are situated in Budaka Town Council Budaka district which lies 200 km west of Kampala City, Uganda’s capital

      Mukwana Abdallah Jr. LHFU

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