She said to him in the final scenes, "love is the strongest force in the universe it can take down governments." He hesitated to give the pearl to the alien race because he said he was a soldier first and it wasn't for him to decide.

It was the ultimate power he held in his hands that would give a whole race the power to rebuild their original peaceful planet. She said that it was no one but they who had to make that decision to hand over ultimate creative power in a gesture of love and trust.

She said that if he cannot then make a decision from love, she had to end their relationship. He said after a thoughtful pause, that he would trust her and gave the pearl to them. In Him was also the Soul of the Princess of this race, but in the end it was his HUMAn Choice to make the decision trusting Love universal love as the right way. It was.

The movie mimicked the Urantia Book in so many ways. But Eden my son said he  never saw a better movie that showed the equality between  a Man a Woman as this example of their's was.  The Male and Female combination of a loving relationship is one of the strongest in the universe......forever.  Amen

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    Hi Patrick can you leave a link here to information on this movie. Is it on YouTube or Gaia?